Clint's Picks For NBA Camp

TDD's Clint Jackson offers his picks of a number of categories of players from this weekend. Who were the best players? The biggest surprises? Biggest disappointments? Check out the premium ticket for the complete rundown.

RICHMOND -- Keep in mind that with five games going on all at once -- it's impossible to see everyone play every game in the Siegal Center on the campus of VCU, but here's Clint's picks on the top performers, the top surprises and the biggest disappoinments at the 2004 NBA Players Camp. And please remember -- I can only go by what I saw.

Top Performers (In the games I saw)

1- Mario Chalmers -- Confident and quick. Potent and precise. Top 10 player nationally. Took over at times.
2- Uche Echefu -- Great kid. Good player who scores, defends and listens. Stock is rising. Still room to improve skills.
3- Greg Oden --He hadn't had a lot of touches, but leads camp in boards and is a top ten scorer. Stud. NBA.
4- Monta Ellis -- Simply because no one can stop him. Range, athleticism and precision. Quicks galore.
5- Eric Devendorf -- 6-3 SG -- Look out Rex Chapman -- Devendorf is a newer version of you. Step off..
6- Dequan Cook -- 6-5 SG/WF --Can I just tell you how much I like this kid? Tough as nails. Shoots well, slashes and scores.
7- Bobby Frasor -- 6-3 SG/PG -- Hasn't put up big scoring totals -- but he's a stud with the ball in his hands.Great feel for the game.

Top Surprises (players that I had never seen before)

1- Korvatney Barber -- Athletic 6-7 wing. Agressive, mean and ferocious rim terrorist. Look out below.
2- Wilson Chandler -- Smooth 6-7 wing with skills. He glides and scores. Look out Chandler -- you're phone is ringing.
3- Marcus Williams -- 6-6 WF. What a freaking finisher. Does this kid miss? Quick first step. Scores from everywhere.
4- Cyrus McGowan -- 6-9 Skilled PF/C with athletic ability and soft touch. Stock is booming. Big wide body and can move.
5- Jamal Boykin -- 6-7 PF/WF -- Plays hard. Can face and shoot. Does the little things. Boards and hustles. Competitive.
6- Kendrick Johnson -- 6-10 C -- This kid isn't Top 50? Puh-lease? Somebody will get a steal. Beast on boards. Thick and mobile.
7- David Weaver -- 6-10 PF/C -- Skilled and long. Savvy and smart. Liked the Wake bound big. He's better than I thought.
8- Ryan Wright -- 6-9 PF -- Nice looking athlete. Bouncy. Converts. Liked him a lot. Active, aware and anticipates. Live body.

Biggest disappointments (Big reps, not lots of production)

1- Tasmin Mitchell -- 6-7 WF/PF -- The world has caught up with Mitchell. Maybe he'll remain in the top 6-10. Maybe not.
2- Eric Boateng -- 6-11 C -- Not a lot of production from the Delaware center. Needs skill work and needs to stay down low.
3- Alex Ruoff -- 6-6 WF -- One of the best passers at the event, and a good shooter -- but dude is way TOO PASSIVE.
4- Leo Criswell -- 6-9 PF/WF -- Oozes of natural ability. Elite level athlete. Pathetic intensity. Bring it Leo !
5- Brayden Bell -- 6-9 C -- Not mobile or athletic enough. Seems passive. Makes slow decisions. Must improve agility.

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