North Carolina LB Likes Duke

For the money a casual observer to the Duke football program couldn't have picked a better place to be than Wallace Wade Stadium last Saturday as the Blue Devils held their annual one day football camp. One of the more talented prospects in attendance is also one of North Carolina's top 25 players who is certainly interested in a possible four year stay in Durham.

Having already attended camps at Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Clemson, Georgia, North Carolina, and East Carolina it was easy to think that Trey Brenner wouldn't be able to go all out at Duke's event. However the 6'0.5, 217 pound linebacker from Southern Durham High wasn't about to let a chance to be noticed by Coach Roof and staff go to waste.

"He was probably camped out," said Trey's father Bill. "He's been on the go for so long heading to this camp and that, and it probably cost him some seconds in the 40 and shuttle runs, but he made up for it in other areas."

And that's probably putting it mildly as Brenner performed 20 reps of 225 pounds in the Olympic portion of the camp – putting him in the top five overall, and tops among linebackers in attendance. That more than made up for his ‘off' times in 40 of 4.78 and shuttle run of 4.48.

Brenner's combination of strength and speed, along with a desire to constantly improve have made him one of's Top 25 prospects in the state of North Carolina. More importantly it has led to serious interest from each of the programs at which he has camped.

"We're expecting some offers to come in soon," said the elder Brenner. "Clemson and Wake Forest look like they'll be the first to come through. They said they had to get everything reviewed after the camps though."

Meanwhile the Blue Devils, should they decide to extend an offer, would also be among the top of Brenner's list despite both parents being alums of North Carolina.

"We would love for Trey to go to Duke, there's no doubt about it. So far the new staff seems to be very good, and Coach Roof looks like he's got it all under control." Links

Video: Video of North Carolina Linebacker

Analysis: Explosive speed, agility and strength enables this class of 2005 Linebacker to lead his team in tackles and forced fumbles. A tenacious tackler with quick pursuit, he sheds blockers well to get to the ball.

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