McRoberts -- Stock soars, hunger stays

Josh McRoberts entered the summer ranked as one of the top 30 prospects in the class of 2005. After a solid showing at the TOC in May and a breakout week in Colorado Springs, McRoberts remains hungry and focused on improving.

Talk to Josh McRoberts a few times and it becomes quite apparent as to what kind of kid he is.

He's simply humble, honest and hungry.

The 6-10 southpaw PF has been on a tear lately, playing perhaps the best basketball of his life. His performance at the USA Developmental Festival in Colorado Springs drew rave reviews from the scouts in attendance. Dave Telep and Rob Harrington both released their updated player rankings yesterday and both analysts have McRoberts in the Top 15.

"I was pretty happy about that," he said, in reference to the positive press from scouts. "It felt good. I felt really good about the way that I played."

Over the course of the event, McRoberts was one of the top rebounders at the entire camp. He was arguably one of the top five overall performers there, according to one analyst and scored 22 points, while grabbing 17 rebounds in the title game for the North squad.

We asked his opinion on who he felt was the top performer or player in attendance in Colorado. There were 48 players in attendance.

"I don't think there's a clear cut top guy out there at all. I think there are a handful of guys who can do it on different days. Lots of good players, but I don't really think there's a clear choice at the top guy in the class. So many talented players. That's a tough call.

We asked specifically about 6-foot-9 Alabama power forward Richard Hendrix.

"Well, he's good. Real good. He's just so strong. I really like the way he plays," he responded.

And since McRoberts and Greg Paulus were both at the event -- we figured that the basketball staff in Durham gave them a few fellow campers to work on getting into Duke. McRoberts admits that several other Duke targets were in attendance, but it wasn't him that was doing all of the talking.

"Greg is the outgoing one. Not me. He's does all of that stuff. He's laughing and joking with some of those guys and mentions Duke every here and there, but I really don't get involved with all of that stuff at all."

McRoberts, however, did talk to 6-foot-8 big forward Jon Brockman of Snohomish, Wash.

"I talked to Brockman a bit. He's a nice kid. I liked the way he played hard and I think Duke has a good shot at him," said McRoberts.

McRoberts will now gear up for the Nike All American Camp held in Indianapolis and then head out to Las Vegas for the biggest tournament of the year. And the 245 pound post player has a clear cut goal in mind for the rest of the summer.

"I want to win the event in Vegas. I just want to go out there with my team and do whatever it takes to help win that thing. That's our goal. That's my goal."

And having seen the Spiece Indy Heat in action -- it's certainly an attainable one.

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