Player Reactions To Coach K

Williams, Randolph, Dockery, and Ewing all speak on the recent events surrounding their head coach and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Senior Daniel Ewing

"I was relieved when I heard the news today. It is a great feeling that everything is OK. I definitely have more confidence knowing Coach K will be back with us. As a senior, there's a certain security in knowing how things will run in my final season. Now, we can all focus on preparing and getting Duke better for next season."

Junior Sean Dockery

"When I first heard about this situation, I was pretty upset. Today, it was the best news when I heard he's coming back to coach us. Knowing he's coming back means we have a great chance to be good next season. With him as my coach, I know I can improve so much as a point guard."

Junior Lee Melchionni    

"I am very happy to hear that Coach is staying. He's a tremendous coach. He's a tremendous leader of men. He's highly organized. He's just a great motivator. I am overjoyed he's going to be here coaching us next season."

Junior Shavlik Randolph

"I know I am breathing a huge sigh of relief that Coach K is staying at Duke. I am very grateful as I know he just passed up an incredible opportunity to coach the Lakers. It shows how much he cares about Duke and our basketball program. I am thrilled he will still be here."

Junior Shelden Williams

"I think we're very fortunate he's coming back to coach us. He's a great coach. We're really blessed to have him here at Duke and to have him stay in this situation. I am happy that he's made his decision. I think the fact that Duke gave him a lifetime contract a couple years ago pretty much says it all. I hope he remains at Duke the rest of his career."

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