ABCD: Scouting Tyrell Biggs

Our roaming hoops scout logged some time watching Tyrell Biggs at ABCD. Though the big guy has struggled at times, his play is improving steadily.

Tyrell Biggs:

Tyrell Biggs is listed at 6'8", 250 lbs. Realistically, he's about 6'7". The bad news is that he's been just average after his first four games. The good news is that his numbers have gotten progressively better. He shot 2-11 from the field in his first two games. In games three and four, he shot 11-16.

The part of Tyrell's game that really jumps out at you is his ability to handle the ball on the perimeter and pull up for a 17-foot jump shot. In that sense, he's similar to Sean May. Has the same soft hands and solid perimeter skills for a guy his size.

Biggs has trimmed down some, yet still has a nice wide frame that makes him difficult to defend. The players at the camp are numbered based on their size, #1 being the smallest, and #229 being the biggest. During one game, Biggs (#195) was guarding #196, and you could really see that even though the two were comparable in size, Biggs had a much more athletic build. He's very agile for a player his size.

The two main problems that Biggs has are his lack of height and his lack of explosiveness. He really is an undersized power forward, though his width makes up for that some. Without his complimentary outside game, Biggs would not be very effective in the low post. Because he has a good handle and a nice looking jumper, he can bring a taller defender outside and work from there.

The explosiveness that Biggs is lacking was very apparent on a fast break on Thursday. Biggs was given the ball at the foul line, took a couple dribbles towards the basket, and jumped off two feet to dunk the ball. He almost couldn't get it down. It left spectators gasping. His low rebound totals are also troubling.

Biggs does play with a very positive attitude, and you could really see it help his game. The more pumped he got, the better he played. He showed some good post denial on defense on a couple of occasions, and generally had good positioning on the defensive end.

I just worry that Biggs may be a bit of a 'tweener' in college, not necessarily because of his size, but because of the lack of explosiveness. If he can get to the point where he can catch the ball, pivot and dunk the ball with authority, he will be a VERY effective player at the collegiate level.

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