Scheyer Now Clear With Duke

A few months ago Illinois standout shooting guard Jon Scheyer was wondering just where he stood in the eyes of the Duke coaching staff. He certainly had his opinions of the Blue Devils, but with no offer in hand there was some uncertainty. That ended when the 6-foot-5 shooting guard attended Duke's annual camp and sat down with Coach K.

"I was really excited when I got the offer from Duke," said Jon Scheyer. "It kind of made things clear as far as what they thought about me and my game. Before that I wasn't sure how much they liked me."

However, after sitting down with Coach K and talking about everything from position to game strategy to his own road to improvement, Scheyer is now fully aware what wearing a Duke uniform for three or four seasons could me.

"I'd have a chance to earn playing time pretty early given the roster situation when I get there. To have that chance at a place like Duke is certainly something I'm aware of."

The one knock on Scheyer has been his ability to battle with bigger named players due to his strength, or lack there of. At 6-foot-6 and 170 pounds Jon knows it's something he needs to improve on if he wants to perform at the collegiate level. After working with a personal trainer throughout the spring and summer, he's already noticing a difference.

"Last year I had trouble with people being able to push me around, but this year I've been stronger. Being able to guard 3's and 4's on defense is a plus because it makes me more versatile, not to mention it allows me to absorb more wear and tear. I need to keep working hard to get stronger though."

"My trainer is actually the guys who works with the Chicago Bulls. When I was first talking to Coach Collins he mentioned that it would be a good idea to contact him, so I did."

With his recruiting situation with Duke straightened out, Scheyer says he's now looking forward to the process, which won't end until next spring at the earliest.

"Unless something changes I'm not going to choose until after my junior season. I've got offers from Duke, Kansas, Illinois, Cal, and Marquette, and I've visited all of them except Cal. I want to visit Arizona if I can, and then I'll start looking at it more."

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