Peach Jam: News & Notes Day II

Thursday saw yet another big day for several Blue Devil targets in North Augusta at the annual Peach Jam. Jon Brockman was his usual hard-nosed self inside, while several 2006 prospects continue to battle it out for top status in the rising junior class. Once again TDD has a net of correspondents on the ground covering all the action.

Jon Brockman

The big guy played well against the Tennessee Travelers after struggling at times this week. The big west coast power forward show cased some of his repertoire of post moves and battled for his usual high number of rebounds to finish with 29 points and 10 boards against the Travelers.

The rumor mill is working overtime on the big fella this week as many wondering when, not if, Duke and North Carolina will offer him. It shouldn't take long and the early word is that he's got UCLA and Washington leading early on with the Blue Devils "gaining".

It's no coincidence that Coach Mike Krzyzewski has been very, very visible at each of his games this week. However on Thursday night it was assistant Chris Collins putting in the time courtside.

Jon Scheyer:

After playing second fiddle to teammate Julian Wright early on in the event, Illinois sharpshooter Jon Scheyer broke out with a 27 point barrage that included several deep jumpers, and strong drives to the basket. You are surprised that someone with such a slight frame is able to get to the hoop the way he can, but he's deceptively skilled.

He's also improving on the defensive end where he long and lanky frame allows him to give opposing guards fits, and his quickness and smart hands allow him to be equally tough for bigger players trying to take him inside. Once he fills out and adds strength he could be a big timer in 2006.

Kevin Durant vs. Vernon Macklin

In a battle of headliner junior power forwards, both Durant and Mackin had moments though it was Macklin who clearly won the day.

The 6-foot-9, 215 pound five star prospect from Portsmith, VA lived up to his nickname of "The Big Ticket" with a high level of athleticism on both ends of the floor. His length allows him to be a handful for anyone hoping to get a shot off, and when he's focused (as he was on this day) it's hard to stop him offensively as he can dunk with the best of them – especially when he's allowed to run the break with such frequency.

On the other side Durant had trouble with Macklin's length and was visibly frustrated on the offensive end whenever he was matched up with him. However earlier in the day Durant was on fire and generating quite a buzz.

With a number of head coaches making rounds the 6-foot-9, 185 pound forward dropped 26 and 12 while showing the ability to operate inside and out against the Miami Tropics. To date he's got offers from Arizona and Maryland, but interest is peaking from any number of schools including Duke, Georgia, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Texas, Louisville, and North Carolina State.

Rumors and Notes:

*- Apparently the Blue Devils are sitting pretty early on for Scheyer. A few coaching staffs believe their shot is contingent on Duke's interest in the 6-foot-5 shooter – with an offer already officially confirmed it's hard to see Duke not being ‘interested.'

*- Don't anticipate Duke being in the CJ Miles sweepstakes any more unless something changes. The coaches have watched him in passing, but both they and Miles look to be heading in different directions.

*- While some say Brockman's been offered by Duke, someone better tell Jon since he's maintaining he has yet to be offered by the Blue Devils. Either way you can bet that will get worked out really fast with an official offer in hand for the big guy.

*- Tyrell Biggs' struggles this week have been more frequent than the past partly because he's yet to decide that he's a power forward and not a wing in a super sized frame. Once he starts battling inside more and using that wide frame, he'll have a lot more success. As of right now he's drifting towards the perimeter quite a bunch.

Thanks to Dave Telep, various members of, Chris Anderson, and Donald Davis for contributing to this report.

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