New Offer and New Leader for DE

Clifford Respress is a 6'3 ¼, 237 pound, energetic defensive end out of Lamar County High School in Barnesville, GA. Respress put on a show at Auburn's camp a few weeks ago and has since garnered a new offer. Since the offer arrived, Respress now has a leader. Who leads for Respress' services?

"I now have offers from Duke, Vanderbilt and my new one is from Auburn. Duke and Vandy had already offered me before I attended Auburn's camp. Auburn decided to offer me after their camp was complete. That felt good…I thought I performed really well there that day", said Clifford Respress.

What other schools does Respress feel may offer?

"Well, a lot of schools are recruiting me now. It really picked up this summer. I would have to say Georgia, Arkansas, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Purdue and Wake Forest are recruiting me the hardest right now and could offer soon."

Other than Auburn, what camps did Respress attend?

"I went to Vanderbilt and Georgia", said Respress.

What does Respress see as his strengths and weaknesses?

"My strength is definitely my energy. I bring excitement to the game and my teammates. As far as my skills, I would say, pass rush is my specialty. My weakness would be endurance. I want to be someone who can play hard all four quarters. I am working on that everyday at practice."

Who are his favorites and who has the lead?

"My top schools are the three schools that offered (Vanderbilt, Duke & Auburn) along with Georgia, South Carolina and Georgia Tech."

"My leader right now is Auburn. I just like Coach Price. I have developed a nice relationship with him. I would give Auburn the slight edge right now. I am not going to commit or anything, but they are my leader."

Respress plans to wait on making his commitment to see what teams offer. He is in no rush to make a decision. Staying in the south is something that is important to him.

Academics are of no concern. Respress has a 3.1 GPA and scored 930 on the SAT.

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