In The Trecnhes with Eddie Haupt

<B>Eddie Haupt</B> is one of the top offensive line prospects in the nation and he will do a monthly recruiting journal for Here is installment two for the month of July.

Journal #2
A Day in the Life

The summer is a dead period for the NCAA, and so in the month of July I decided to get away from all the hype and get back to the basics. I was at a loss of what to do with this entry in the journal so I decided I'd go through a day in my life (or more like a week) and talk about how I do things in a commentary sort of fashion.

On Summer Workouts/Activities-
The only things constant from day to day around here are republican political domination and Eddie Haupt at the 8am workouts. I'm not always the most cordial person in the morning, but football never was a sport for the amiable. Some people have asked me questions about my mentality when approaching workouts, and I feel that (in the words of one of my coaches), you always have to be aggressive. If you attack running/lifting like it was game-day, you will have a hard time NOT getting better.

A cool thing that we have started doing on my team is the "after-practice fight club". Chris, a friend of mine, has always had boxing gloves in his car and now we put them to use everyday. Football has a way of forming a bond between people that you can't forge just anywhere, but it also has a way of starting some heated rivalries. Although not all the fights deal with rivalries (most are just for fun), the rivalry fights are the best. I thought it was great when we had two big lineman going off (ones about 270, the other 300+ ) facing off for the first match of the day, and they both went at it with reckless abandon. There's nothing more entertaining than two big mooses crashing into each other, flailing the arms wildly (one had a fighting style a lot of us decided was like Eddie Honda from Street Fighter).

All in all we had four full matches, while the one I fought in and another didn't really count because they didn't go for the "full" three rounds. Mine ended after about 30 seconds when I got my second knockdown and my opponent quit. We plan to keep this up during the season (which is two weeks from Monday for us) for sure. It's also convenient to box at our field, because mouthpieces are not far away.

Outside of workouts I'm a pretty active guy. I'd like to think I'm pretty good at most all sports, but my favorites right now (outside of football) are probably racquetball and basketball. I play a little volleyball at the beach and such from time to time also. A lot of people have said how great it is to play these other sports because they give you skills you don't pick up from football, but I don't do it for that reason. I do it for the fun. Speaking of fun, this gives me a nice segue to the last thing in this section.

When I say fun, I mean winning. Whenever I lose, it's not fun. To me, there is no point in doing something if I don't win. Whoever said: "It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the game" must've been a loser. Now obviously there are some things that all smart men will choose to lose because they'll be better off in the long run (argument with a lady friend perhaps). But even then, I invisibly cringe at having to concede to anyone. People have told me that the early offers and the early interest from different schools will give me a big head and I'll lose my competitive edge. Everyday I show up to get closer to being #1. I'm not right now, but I will get there eventually; kicking and scratching and scrapping and sweating it all the way.

On Recruiting
July is a dead period for the most part for recruiting. I've done a pretty good job of narrowing down my list to what I believe will be the cut for September (when coaches start to call). It'll be listed at the bottom. I've done some research on a lot of different schools into the amount of guys they've had go through that have done anything Pre-Med. I don't think my degree will be a problem, but it's good to see programs such as Duke; where a guy was given the spring off to study for the MCAT (The MCAT is the major decider into getting into Medical School). I want a school where I have great exposure and a chance to win, and also get my degree.

I will start setting up my visits within the week, and I guess I'll report to you guys when I know the dates for them.

The Cut (alphabetical)

Duke, Florida, Georgia, Harvard, Maryland, Miami, Michigan State, Penn, South Florida, Stanford, Vanderbilt.

Definite Visits-
UF, USF, Stanford

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