Boykin Switches Coasts

Jamal Boykin knew where he wanted to go it was just a matter of getting the right offer. Late Saturday night, that offer came through and Boykin jumped at the chance to head to the East Coast.

On Saturday night, 6-foot-7 forward Jamal Boykin, a senior out of Los Angeles Fairfax High, committed to Duke University. In doing so, Boykin became the third player to pick the Blue Devils this season.

After hearing all spring long from places like Georgia Tech and Louisville, it was Duke where Boykin always had in the back of his mind.

"He said that he had a dream the night before that he had gotten a call from Mike Krzyzewski but that he had missed the call," Belmont Shore coach Dinos Trigonis said. "Then, he got a call and Coach K was telling him how he would fit in the team and Boykin said that he would like to be a part of that and Krzyzewski said ‘Welcome to the family.'"

Known for his toughness, competitive spirit and work ethic, Boykin brings intangibles to the table in Durham. He'll work hard and push others. He's our pre-summer No. 69 prospect in the country.

Trigonis, Boykin's AAU coach, had told his player that the Devils might be calling and that he should be prepared.

"I told the kid that you may get a call this week and there may be an offer extended. I told him that you might want to think about it in advance. I told him that he might want to play that out with his parents in advance."

Boykin will likely head to Durham for his official visit the weekend of Sept. 10.

Trigonis thinks that Boykin will be ready for any challenges that lie ahead of him. He's a focused young man who just fulfilled a dream.

"He's always been an overachieving kind of guy and he's made pretty good and consistent progress from year to year and I would expect that to continue.

"Sometimes character counts more than people give it credit for. In his situation, [Duke] really liked his personality. His talents were a plus but not necessarily a crucial thing. The one thing that is constant is the quality of person he is."

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