Quoting Jamal Boykin

After telling head coach Mike Krzyzewski that he was going to be a Blue Devil, Jamal Boykin started getting flooded with media calls. Since Saturday he hasn't been able to stop talking about his Duke commitment – and that's just fine with him.

With the news breaking on Saturday, there was little time to compile the four pages of quotes the newest Blue Devil offered. However with the news now settling in, TDD compiles the rest of the story's quotables from Jamal Boykin.

On the timeline from Nike Camp to Saturday:

It's kind of hard to explain. Most of the information I had been getting was from my high school and AAU coaches. They told me to be ready for an offer and I had talked to my parents about what would happen if he did. They know this is a dream of mine so they gave me their blessing.

Coach called around 4:00 on Saturday night and we talked for around and hour. About 20 minutes into the conversation I told him I was ready to commit right now. He said he wanted to make sure he wasn't pressuring me or that I was rushing this decision. I told him we (my family) had talked about it and this was what we wanted then, now, and in the future.

Coach will be out here before I go on my official visit to Duke (September 10th).

On his future classmates:

Actually I played on the same team as Josh at Nike Camp. That guy is just athletically blessed. There's no other way to describe it.

It's funny because I didn't know who he was when I got there, but when I saw him warming up I thought ‘I know this guy's going somewhere'. So when we were in one of the classrooms later on I asked him where he was going to school. He looked at me and said ‘I'm going where you're going….I'm going to Duke.'

From that point we started to develop some chemistry on and off the floor. On then court we started communicating and talking a lot. One play that sticks out to me is when I was between half court and the three point line with the ball. All of a sudden I made eye contact with him and threw this lob that he caught and then dunked on someone. If he hadn't made that play I would have looked stupid, but because we had gotten to know each others' game I felt confident throwing that pass. I think it's a sign of things to come.

I've never met Greg Paulus, but I hear he's a great leader and a terrific player. I've also heard that he's a great point guard.

On the rest of the class of 2005:

The plan is to bring in five of us. Right now I think I may be making the official visit with Jon Brockman, but I don't know if that's been set up yet. I know he's a great player and the guy they really want to add along with Eric.

If we all come in together and stay at least three years, then this class could be something really special. I mean with Josh you can see him leaving after three years to go to the league, but by then I think all of us can be big time players if we all work hard.

Hopefully coach can close the deal with Eric and Jon. I can't see how they could turn it down.

On his role at Duke:

As a freshman I see myself coming in without a position. Coach told me when Shane was in high school he played the center slot, but he was so far away from that when he got through Duke. Some nights I'll play the three and other times I'll be a four.

I've got to adjust my goals now. For the last few years it's been work hard so I can get a scholarship to Duke. Now I've realized that so it's changed into work hard so I can earn playing time while at Duke.

I think I can challenge to lead the team in rebounding, and charges taken early in my career. Then by the time I'm a junior I can hopefully showcase my offensive game.

On being a Duke commit as a high school senior:

It's going to be something I have to accept and feed off of. I can't take a play off all season because if I do some kid's going to try to make a name for himself off me because I'm going to Duke. Sometimes, when you're up by a lot, it's easy to kind of relax a little bit, but that can't happen now.

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