Singler A Big Time Target For Duke

It's hard to believe that we're already talking about recruiting in the class of 2007. However to stay on top the Blue Devils must make themselves aware of the top talent in every high school class. One of the best young prospects in the rising sophomore class has already identified the Devils as his goal. Will Duke reciprocate that interest level? Our resident analyst thinks so.

"My dream school has always been Duke, to play for Coach K," said 6-foot-7 small forward Kyle Singler in an interview with Tracy Pierson of "But if not that, I'd like to stay on the west coast and play for Arizona, Oregon, Oregon State or UCLA. But it's just a loose list right now, nothing really certain."

Big words from a big time prospect, who has seen his stock continually rise over the summer. And while Singler has several years before he needs to make a collegiate choice, TDD's Clint Jackson has seen enough to know that the Blue Devils are interested.

"What really stood out about Kyle Singler was his advanced game at such a young age," said Jackson. "At first -- I thought I was watching a rising senior and that I may have found a sleeper, but afterwards when I found out he was a freshman, I was astounded."

So what sold Clint on this young prospect?

"He's a versatile guy with terrific ball skills. He's athletic and very good at handling, passing and shooting. He'll shoot it from mid-range, long range, off the dribble with a quick and high release and he'll even score inside with a nifty post move. He just does so many things very well."

Seems like this kid is almost too good to be true. Of course mother nature needs to come in and give him a hand filling out.

"He's got to improve his strength for sure. He's a skinny kid -- but weren't we all at that age? He could also stand to be a little more aggressive at times too. But he's just a fabulous prospect and he's only going to get better."

So how would Jackson see Singler fitting in should he realize his "dream" and become a Blue Devil two years from now? And does he believe that Coach K's staff will work on recruiting him?

"They'd be fools not to take a long hard look at a kid like this. And I don't think they're fools. He's admitted to being a Duke fan and he's good enough to play at Duke. He's a three in their system."

And when Krzyzewski and company come calling, they'll certainly have more than basketball to sell him on as Singler says that education will be a big issue for him.

"My family puts school first, basketball second. So I'd like to go to a good school to play basketball. I'd like to get a good degree. So, it'd be good if the school were prestigious academically."

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