Free Fantasy Games for Subscribers

Annual Total Access Pass subscribers receive free plays in two college football fantasy games being offered by in conjunction with Fantasy Sports Man, Inc. The CleatFreak Pick'em Challenge allows users to compete against other users on their favorite team site for a free annual Total Access Pass. The CleatFreak Investment Challenge is a market game in which users on TheInsiders network compete against each other for a trip to Hawaii to watch the Hula Bowl.

All registered users of get one free play in the Pick'em Challenge, but annual Total Access Pass subscribers get extra benefits - free additional plays on the Pick'em Challenge and free entry in the Investment Challenge.

All users must have free TheInsiders accounts, as well as a username on TheInsiders message boards to play the CleatFreak games.

To make play either game, please visit the following link:

Fantasy games.

TheInsiders' new feature, My HotList™, is a perfect complement to both games as it allows users to receive email alerts any time new content is posted about players they designate, or teams designated for commitment alerts.

Here are more details about the games:

CleatFreak Investment Challenge

While playing ìCleatFreakís Investment Challenge," users can invest and track the performance of any college football team.

Upon signup, users will receive 30,000 fantasy dollars to invest in any way they want. They may invest it all in one team or many. Users may buy and hold, or quickly flip stocks for quick gains.

Stocks and their Prices:
  • Prices are initially based on last yearís stats.
  • Team StockóBased on a 1-117 team ranking system taking into account all of the major polls, strength of schedule.
  • Team offensive scoring StockóTeam scores 35 pointsóstock = $350.
  • Team defensive scoring StockóDefense creates a shut-outóstock = $500, holds opponent to 10 pointsóstock = $400.
  • Team offensive passing StockóTeam passes for 425 yardsóstock = $425.
  • Team offensive rushing StockóTeam rushes for 250 yardsóstock = $250.
  • Team defensive passing StockóDefense gives up 150 yards passingóstock = $350.
  • Team defensive rushing Stockó Defense gives up 100 yards rushingóstock = $400.
Between games, the stock price fluctuates, based on market demand for that stock.

This game is free for annual subscribers; $9.95 for everyone else. The grand prize is a Hawaii trip for two to attend the Hula Bowl.

Cleat Freak Pick'em Challenge

Each week of the college season, users will be given provided up to three games for whcih they must guess the score. One game will be the game involving the team whose site the user is registered; if that team is not playing, the game will be a game involving a Top 25 ranked team. The other games will be national Top 25 games.

Scores will be awarded based on how close the user comes to guessing the score of each team, and how close the user comes to guessing the point spread. No points will be awarded if the winner is not selected.

Users will play against other users of their favorite team site for an annual Total Access Pass subscription. Users also will be able to set up private groups - such as office, friends, etc.

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