Tyrell Biggs narrows list

It appears that Tyrell Biggs, the skilled 6-7, 250-pound PF from Don Bosco Prep School in New Jersey, has narrowed down his list. After talking things over with his father, he's got a top five and is planning on making an official visit to each campus.

"Right now, we're going to visit Miami (FL), Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Villanova, and Virginia," said Biggs. "Right now, those are pretty much my top five."

The trip to Miami will be his first, and it's scheduled for the weekend scheduled September 10th. The rest don't have firm dates associated with them yet, but he is planning on making a trip to each.

"I would like to take all five before I make a choice," said Biggs, although he admitted there was a chance he could commit before taking all five. "I am going to see how I feel on each campus," he added. "How comfortable I am and how the atmosphere is."

Among these five, there is not one school that particularly stands out at the moment. "Everybody is even right now," said Biggs. "The deciding factor will be the visits."

Since the AAU circuit ended, there had been a number of schools who have been in and out of the picture with Biggs. Duke was one school that appeared to right in the mix, but recent events apparently have dropped them from Biggs's consciousness.

"I don't really know about Duke," said Biggs. "There's some things going on with that right now." Any chance Biggs considers Duke if they were to step back into the picture more heavily? "I don't think so," Biggs sighed.

The summer for Biggs is still going on. Before he sets out on his visits, he will be attending Five Star Basketball Camp on August 26th.

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