Media Day Coverage: Players

In addition to head coach Ted Roof, several Blue Devils were made available to the media on Tuesday afternoon.

Kenny Stanford:

On the freshman class:

Corey and Jomar have looked really good, and they're getting comfortable with things. Right now they have so much natural ability that they can get through situations where another guy may have relied on experience.

On what Coach Roof brings to Duke:

Just a culture of winning and hard work. I think it really lit a fire under us and it will be here as long as he's here. He's real blue collar and we need that to be successful. It's not a lot of talk with him, just a desire to work hard.

On the defensive unit:

We've had a lot of position changes, but every guy who's slid over has relied on his teammates to help. We're all working well together so there won't be any drop off.

On the early season stretch:

We're not talking about that right now. It's about taking things one game at a time and focusing on the task at hand.

On the transition with the coaching staff:

It's been really easy. Coach Roof hired guys who are just like him. It's like we have a bunch of Coach Roofs with different faces. Same guy, just different faces.

On the new helmets:

I like them a lot. I didn't really dig the script blue, and these are a better look.

Orrin Thompson

On the new attitude:

Coach Roof brought in a real sense of having a positive attitude and togetherness. We've always had the ability to win, but now we've got a group who's willing to put all the pieces together to do that.

On the different expectations this year:

We know that people think we're going to finish last, but that's OK. We know we can win.

On the new helmets:

That old school look is really nice. I'm happy with them.

Giuseppe Aguanno:

On the defensive unit as a whole:

We expect big things from guys this year. We feel like as a unit we should go out there and be really solid. One guy I think will really step up is Malcolm Ruff. He's been doing big things so far. Alex Green has moved to safety and he's got big play ability there.

On stopping Navy:

Navy has one of the best running games in the country and one of the best fullbacks. It's going to be a challenge to deal with that triple option, but we're looking at it as a big challenge. Then the next week we need to turn that game plan off and get ready for UConn with another game plan.

On the freshmen:

There are some guys who can just fly out there. Our speed is certainly better this year, and that's good because the conference is talking about speed at every position.

On the interior defensive lineman:

Casey Camero moved from end to tackle and got a lot bigger, and you've seen Orrin. That guy's just a horse inside. Those guys are up to the challenge of playing inside.

On no longer playing NC State:

I'm really bummed out because it's been close the last two seasons and now I don't get another chance to come out on the right side of a result with them.

On the new attitude under Roof:

Before he came in we were just missing something, and he's helped put it all together. Practices are now full speed all the time – you don't get time to think about being tired because you're always doing something. He's just got a confidence about him that has spread throughout the whole team.

On games he's looking forward to:

I think it'll be great to go to Virginia Tech and play somewhere we've never played before, like with Tennessee last year.

On the white helmets:

I'm a big fan of them. I think they've got an old school look to them.

On his legacy as a senior:

It's a team goal to win a bowl game, and I think we'd like to be the class that took a big step in that direction and helped turn Duke around and into a winning program again.

Curt Dukes

On the evolution of his role:

I know I'm on the depth chart for quarterbacks but Coach talked to me and said he'd hate to have me on the sidelines. So we started talking about playing a bunch of positions, it was a mutual creation.

On the different positions' positives:

At receiver I just love catching the ball and striding out there, and then there's the feeling of taking it to the house on a 70 yard post pattern. On running back it's making a linebacker miss and hearing the crowd's reaction. At QB it's all about being the team's leader.

On the differences at Duke compared to Nebraska:

Academically it's more challenging, but that's a good thing. It's also pretty cool to see familiar faces around campus every day. At a big state school that doesn't always happen when there are 25,000 plus students.

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