Bynum Awaits Coach K's Call

7-foot, 280lbs New Jersey big man Andrew Bynum is expecting to speak with Coach K for the first time this week.

No visit has been set up quite yet with Andrew Bynum, but that should change soon.

According to the 6-11, 270-pound senior's older brother, Corey, the Blue Devils coaching staff has made recent contact in hopes of setting up a visit.

``Coach K is supposed to be calling this week," Corey said. "It's definitely flattering. When Coach K calls, you've got to listen."

Bynum's brother said that visits have already been set up with UConn, Georgia Tech, Georgia and North Carolina. Rutgers is also involved, but it's unlikely that Bynum will use an official trip on the nearby school. The final visit has been kept open and could go to Georgetown or Duke, depending on the interest level of both parties.

``It's definitely a feeling out process on both ends," he added.

With Duke stepping up its interest in Bynum, it could be a sign that they are getting impatient with Eric Boateng - or it could also signify that Boateng's lackluster summer has the Blue Devils exploring other options in the middle.

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