Boateng: It's Duke or Visits

It's kind of tough to reach a college decision when you are overseas. For the most part, <b>Eric Boateng</b>'s return home to England for a good part of August has slowed down his recruiting process.

The public wants to know. What is Eric Boateng, the 6-foot-10 center out of Middletown (Del.) St. Andrews, going to do in regards to his college choice?

Good question but a tough one to answer considering Boateng doesn't return home from his native England until August 23. St. Andrews head coach Bob Rue pinch hit for Boateng and dropped some recruiting nuggets to us.

"He's been thinking about Duke and kind of the alternate choice has been to take more visits and that's kind of were he left it," Rue said. "He's been to every one of the schools that he's interested in already, except for Georgia Tech, that's the one place he hasn't been to."

Right now, Boateng's list includes Duke, Villanova, Boston College, Michigan, UCLA, Georgia Tech, Virginia and Georgetown. He's been to UCLA and Michigan officially.

Right now, Duke is the undisputed leader, no questions asked.

"He's been pretty clear about that. I've been clear about that with other coaches."

Basically, Boateng has a decision to make. He'll either pick the Blue Devils or take some more visits. All of this will likely be decided shortly after his return to the country from England where he's been working out every day.

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