In The Trenches, with Eddie Haupt

<B>Eddie Haupt</B> is a four-star OL prospect from the Sunshine State. He is writing a journal for Here's his third installment.

August. No other month is synonymous with the sun glaring at you. No other month is synonymous with that good ole' click-clack that we all enjoy either, that familiar sound that arouses any coach within earshot. This has been probably the most trying month of August I have ever been a part of. We've had some sublime highs, and some Marianna Trench lows.

Between the hurricane (Charley), some internal issues that have suddenly changed the lives of some of our players, and the many fundraisers we're bombarded with in preseason I'm surprised we somehow came out on top. We've needed leadership, and I'm glad a lot of the guys have stepped up to the task. Since spring we've (my team) seen who's going to be on the bandwagon when we're rolling, and who's going to pick up the pieces when we shatter. It's great that the number is roughly the same between the two.

Over the summer I started doing a workout I heard Willis McGahee used to do. I had heard he used to pull a truck full of his cousins and stuff with a harness to improve his power. My mom decided she'd buy a harness, and I've been doing it on leg-days ever since. It's something I don't often mention because I never thought it'd have that big of an effect, but now that we're into the season it definitely did.

Recruiting has gone smoothly. Everyone tells me that it's "the calm before the storm". I've been getting a lot of media guides and still a lot of letters (handwritten and normal), but everyone seems to think I'm going to be completely overwhelmed September 1st. I can't wait. I want to see who's really going to show some love. Even though I already have my top five or whatever, it's still subject to change. I set up my visit for my No.1 school (Florida) already. Hopefully I get it done without any interference from our next friendly hurricane (Frances… what is it with hurricanes starting with "F" that are so destructive?)

I'm going to the UM-FSU game on labor-day right after my UF visit. I'm taking my D-Line coach, Coach Wilson and his friend. I think some of my teammates are also going to get some recruit tickets and we're going to caravan down there. My coach is a big FSU guy (even though he went to USC), and all my friends are Miami fans so I imagine it'll be pretty heated on the ride down. I'm indifferent now as to who wins. I had a bet going with my dad that if UM won I'd get a cell phone, but I already got one so I guess I'm just hoping for an exciting game.

We had our kickoff classic also against Sanford Seminole. Both defenses dominated, neither offense got anything going. The score was 0-0 when varsity left. We had far too many turnovers that destroyed scoring opportunities. I played well, getting four tackles in one series (the first series and only one I played in) on defense. I got rotated out after that and the other guys that went in did great. On offense I had 4.5 pancakes in the half we played in. The drives were halted early a lot and it's unfortunate I couldn't punish more people. Seminole was a great team and best of luck to them.

I also talked to Kevin Harris (the RB/LB prospect there) a little after the game as we were shaking hands and what not. He's still adamant for Wake Forest, and good for him. He looked good in the game, and they're getting a great kid.

Well, thanks for reading I guess. The next installment I imagine will be much better with all the phone calls, some more games, and talking about visits.

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