TDD: One Year Later

September 1st marked the one year anniversary of <I></I>'s move to network. In the last 365 days we've not only settled into our new home, we've begun to thrive as part of the Internet's most powerful group of sites.

Since making the move has seen a meteoric rise in traffic, subscription levels, and content production. That's thanks in large part to the additions of Dave Telep, Jeff Goodman, Miller Safrit, Jamie Newberg, and several other contributors to the TDD staff.

In total the last year has seen TDD produce 1,386 articles, an average of just under four per day. Of that total we threw in 656 premium articles, an average of just under two per day. It's no wonder that leading media outlets such as CBS Sportsline, Yahoo Sports, FOX Sports, The Sporting News, and all have strategic syndicaton deals in place with TDD and TI.

Heading into our second full year on the network, the staff at TDD has eyes on improving our product further. If you haven't taken advantage of our premium services yet, now's the time to try our annual subscription package which, for a limited time, includes a year's subscription to The Sporting News -- that's 60 issues.

When you look at the numbers, there's not a better deal on the market. Annual subscribers get 60 issues of TheSportingNews, daily access to TDD's premium articles and message board, and's biannual national recruiting yearbooks.


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