Roof Press Conference Quotes

Duke head football coach Ted Roof spoke to the media at his weekly press conference Monday. Roof talked about last week's Navy game and the upcoming Connecticut tilt, among other things.

Opening Statement

"I'm obviously very disappointed, disgusted and at the same time understand that it's a new week, new opponent. We've got to put all that behind us, learn our lessons, learn what we did well, understand what we need to improve on, and move on and get to play a very good Connecticut team who we have a lot of respect for. Randy [Edsall] and I worked together in `98, and he's a good football coach. He's built a good program up there. We've got our work cut out for us this week."

On Coach Edsall

"He's [Edsall] very organized and his teams are disciplined, and now they're very talented as well. He's a worker and he's a good leader and the results speak for themselves."

On UConn's Offense

"The good news is it's a little bit more conventional. The bad news is there are very talented athletes doing it. From a familiarity standpoint, there's a lot of balance in their offense. We've got to be able to stop the run and we've got to be able to get after the quarterback when it comes time to do that and be disciplined in our coverage."

On UConn QB Dan Orlovsky

"He's the leader of the offense, one of the leaders of the team. He has a very strong arm, makes good decisions with the football and is a very gutsy competitor. That's why he's an All-American candidate.

On UConn special teams

"They're also really sound in the kicking game. They've got a returner that makes big plays. He broke two last week but one of them was called back. He's shifty and he's got another gear."

On Duke QB's

"I think we did some good things. There were some positives and some negatives. I think that we've got to be more decisive as far as making decisions and going with it, and letting it go. We've got to let it go. That's how we're going to improve at that position, playing a little bit looser."

On preparing for option for two weeks, then preparing for conventional offense

"It's better to go this way than the other way. We've worked against our offense a whole bunch in live situations, scrimmage situations, so from that standpoint we play against that every week. So I'm not as concerned about that; I'm concerned about who's doing it for them because they're very talented, not that we're going to see some passes and some runs."

First half Defense vs second half against Navy

"I think if you look at it from an overall team performance, you talk about the defense, but a lot if it is tied into the overall team and how it affects the defense. In the first half we kept the ball on offense, and hung in there on defense and made some plays and got three takeaways. In the second half we weren't able to stay on the field [offensively], and as a result, weren't able to get off the field on third down on defense. That culminates in being worn down. We did get worn down. Our younger players and backups have to be more productive for us too. They have to play better, we have to coach better, we've got to get better. They say football teams make the most improvement between the first and second week and here it is, so its time for us to make a bunch of improvements."

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