Harassed For Choosing Duke?

Big-time athletes who go away to school get flak from their erstwhile supporters who'd like them to stay home. For one Duke recruit, things may be taking an ugly turn.

A strange and unpleasant situation appears to be developing in Chicagoland, where Duke recruit Michael Thompson has apparently been catching some flak for choosing Duke.

According to a source close to the family, in a recent game, Thompson was hit several times in the groin. When he questioned the referee, Thompson was given a technical, and the referee,  our source alleges, said "If you had gone to Illinois, you would be getting better calls."

The family is planning to report the official to the Illinois High School Athletic Association.

Recruits getting pressure from home of one sort and another is hardly unprecedented.  Former Wake star Mark Cline was actually asked to play in-state by the West Virginia legislature.  One recent Duke recruit decided against Duke at least partly because the pressure on his family would be too severe (the state school was located nearby). 

It's not acceptable, but we can understand how someone could be upset and say something, but we mean a random someone. An official? If someone is really acting this way, if it is verified, his career should end.

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