Brockman Looking Forward to Tonight

These days being one of the best prep basketball players in the country means a lot of things. For starters it means a level of celebrity not afforded to most of your peers. For one big timer that's just fine because he's grounded by his family values.'s Steven Clark had a chance to sit down with Jon's father on the eve of his in-home visit with Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski to discuss a wide range of topics in his first full time article for TDD.

Tell us a little bit about Jon Brockman, what kind of kid is he ?

Jon is a very devout Christian, he loves the Lord and he's just a kid who has a strong heart for other people, he does so much sometimes it's unreal to think about.

How does his faith translate to his life?

We talk with Jon all the time about how he has a platform to share his faith through basketball and Jon takes that very seriously, that's where his work ethic comes from, he really desires to do the best job he can do when he plays and that extends to all areas of his life.

Talk a bit about how you, as parents, feel about Jon's handling of the recruiting process.

We've been very impressed. He has handled this whole thing with class and respect for all the coaches and he is really impressed with all the coaches who are recruiting him.

Can you shed some light on Jon's thoughts on Coach K?

Jon has a tremendous amount of respect for Coach K, he's mentioned to me that him and Coach K share a lot in common.

Anything in particular?

Both Coach K and Jon seem to be alike in that they are both competitors. Jon is definitely the type of kid who doesn't shy away from competition. In addition, Jon really is impressed by Coach K's presence, his command and the dignity with which he carries himself. Those are big drawing points for Jon.

Has he had a chance to speak with Coach K often?

Coach K has talked only a few times with Jon, as Coach Wojo has been handling a lot of the recruitment. What Coach K has talked about is how passionate he is about Jon coming to Duke, how much he loves his work ethic and mental toughness. Jon prides himself on having a can-do attitude and Coach K really likes that.

How does Jon try to balance out his life, what kind of stuff does he do away from the court?

Jon likes to volunteer for stuff -- he helps out with special needs children, he REALLY enjoys that a lot. He's also active with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and he's working a job. Jon is a very focused young man who keeps pretty busy.

Can you shed some light as to how Jon is evaluating the schools? What is going play into the decision making process?

The most important thing to Jon is the players he's going play with. He wants to have a good relationship with his teammates, so that's going play a big role. He has talked a lot about the quality of coaches, as well as how he figures into the team goals and concepts as determining factors.

Reportedly Jon hit if off with Greg Paulus when they played together in France, can you shed some light on that relationship?

Oh yeah, Jon likes Greg a lot, Greg calls up sometimes and they'll talk about all kinds of stuff.

What's the mood like surrounding Coach K's visit on Thursday?

Jon's been keeps a pretty level head about things. Of course he is excited, but this is more an informational thing for us -- we've got some things to talk about with Coach K.

Anything in particular?

We are looking to tomorrow night as part of the process. We want to get to know the staff better, look at the depth chart, who they are recruiting, how they see Jon fitting in, etcetera.

If you had to characterize the three schools left, how would you do so?

Duke has just as good a shot as UCLA or Washington. Jon has three very good choices here for schools. He's very serious about that and he's going to make a good decision. He just needs to get more information from Duke, that's all.

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