Duke Impressive For Brockman

Thursday night gave Seattle power forward Jon Brockman a chance to host Blue Devil head coach Mike Krzyzewski and assistant Steve Wojciechowski in an in-home visit. The 6-foot-7 big forward spoke with TDD after the coaches had departed for Los Angeles to give a full recap.

What was the reaction of your family to the visit?

Well, Adam was very excited, but he did a good job of controlling his emotions while we were there. I do admit it was kind of surreal, seeing Coach K in my home, having dinner with us, but after awhile it became just very comfortable and relaxed.

Can you shed some light as to what you were hoping to get out of tonight?

I think first and foremost, I wanted to get to know Coach K on a more personal level. Talking on the phone does not give you the benefit of seeing a person and interacting with them on that personal level, so, getting a chance to just talk with him face to face was very important to me. In addition, I wanted to see what type of plan Duke has in regards to me, I wanted to see how I fit into their vision in regards to team goals and recruiting.

Can you talk about the approach the staff took with you, what kind of stuff did they talk about with you?

Wow, they touched on so many things. The big ones I would have to say would be talking about their vision they had for me, team goals, and they also used player analogies to describe both how they recruit and how they see me fitting into the program.

When you talk about the vision that they had for you and using player analogies, can you shed some light specifically on what was said?

Well, as far as the vision for me goes, they mentioned how they thought that my work ethic is something they feel could be a real asset to the team, so, as far as vision goes, they talked about having me come in, compete for playing time and just working hard, which comes naturally to me.

As far as player analogies, they talked about Shane Battier a bit, just talking about how he was this incredible leader, and just what he brought to the team, then they talked about what I could bring to the team with my intensity on the basketball court, that lead by example attitude.

Did they talk about the recruiting class they are putting together as well?

Oh yeah, we spent some time on it, we talked about the different guys they already have signed and how they seem them fitting into the team, what type of people they are, stuff like that.

Do you know personally any of the guys from Duke's recruiting class?

Oh yeah, Greg and Josh and I are good buddies, we'll talk on AOL IM and the phone a lot, Greg and I had a chance to hang out quite a bit when we were in France, he's a good guy, I like talking with him and Josh, man, Josh is just so funny, dude just cracks me up.

Do they try to recruit you at all to come to Duke?

Greg every now and then will say something like, "Dude, you gotta come to Duke", but it's a joking around thing, him going through the recruiting process, he understands that this is my decision and he supports me either way, which is cool.

Can you share how you feel about playing basketball on the college level?

It's exciting on one point, but then it's a bit intimidating as well, just knowing how much faster the game plays at that level, Coach K and I talked about that tonight and he told me how well he thinks I could do on the college level if I just keep doing the same things I'm doing now as far as working hard and other things. That really helped me a lot to hear that.

Your dad told me last night about your faith and the role it plays in your life. Can you elaborate on his words in yours?

I'm the type of person who likes to lead by example. I want my actions -- how I treat people to show how important my faith is to me. Like, for instance, my special needs kids I work with, those kids could care less that I'm a basketball player, they just want somebody to love them for who they are and I try to do that. Getting a chance to play with those kids, be a role model just means so much to me, it helps to keep everything in perspective, especially with basketball, I mean, getting to play is a gift from God in itself.

Can you share about how you feel about Duke now that you have had the in home visit with them?

Well, I knew coming in that Duke was going to have a very good presentation, I mean, they are Duke after all, and they did nothing to disappoint me, I really liked what they had to say and I'm looking forward to the official visit next week.

What are you looking forward to with the visit?

Just getting a chance to get more info about the school, see how the campus is, meet the guys, that's really important, I want to see how the team relates to each other and to me, Coach K calls it a family down there and I'm really looking forward to see how close that family is, you know?

Coming into tonight, a lot of people were saying that Duke had a lot of ground to make up and that you were gonna give them every opportunity to recruit you, can you shed some light on that?

Well, to be honest with you, Duke's presentation does make it harder on me in regards to my decision. They are an outstanding school with a lot to offer me. Just like the other schools, they have plusses and minuses, so, I guess the only thing I can say is that no school is ahead right now, they are all equal in my mind.

Can you shed some light as to how you are going to approach making your decision?

Well, I really believe it's going be a gut decision, my parents and I will be evaluating all aspects of the programs and I really believe that I'm just going to know. Like I said before, it's going to be hard, I mean, looking at the three programs, they all have things I'm drawn to.

Such as?

Well, when you look at Duke, I like how I have a shot to go in there and work hard and compete for minutes, I like the recruits they are bringing in and I just have a tremendous amount of respect for Coach K and how he develops players down there, both basketball wise and more importantly, personally. With UCLA, I know some of the guys on the team, Coach Holland and I have talked a few times and he's a great guy and with UW, Coach Romar is a Christian, so obviously we relate there, and it's also the hometown school and all that comes with that.

Note: Jon Brockman will vist Duke next weekend officially.

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