On Campus: Weekend Visitors

One of the stories to follow this weekend is the official visit by Jon Brockman to Duke University. In this story we give you a brief glance around the country to see where America's finest are spending their weekend.

There are all kinds of developing stories to follow this weekend in college basketball.

For instance, will Jon Brockman enjoy his coast to coast trip to Durham? Will C.J. Miles gather enough information to make a decision next week or will his recruitment continue throughout the month? What effect will the weather have on his visit?

Michigan State seems to have a busy weekend as does Virginia. Meanwhile, Oregon State has an important visitor in Joey Shaw.

Weekend Official Visits

Jon Brockman (Duke)
Kendric Price (Vanderbilt)
Devan Downey (Cincinnati)
Keaton Grant (Texas A&M)
Marcus Williams (Arizona)
Colby Santos (New Mexico)
C.J. Miles (Georgia Tech; weather permitting)
Byron Eaton (Oklahoma State)
Danny Williams (Oklahoma State)
Brandon Costner (NC State)
DeAndre Bell (Michigan State)
Maurice Joseph (Michigan State)
Ryan Wright (Michigan State)
Bryan Mullins (Southern Illinois)
Alfred Aboya (Virginia)
Mamadi Diane (Virginia)
Korvotney Barber (Auburn)
Zarron Cann (Virginia Tech)
Sean McCurdy (Massachusetts)
J.P. Prince (Florida)
Joey Shaw (Oregon State)
Marcus Walker (Minnesota)
Daniel Emerson (Mercer)
Bryan Harvey (Arizona State)
Shawn Taggart (Iowa State)
Danny Green (Pittsburgh)
Chris Bethel (Kent State)
Bill Eaddy (Cleveland State)
Anthony Mason (Oklahoma)
Jason Miller (Central Michigan)
Andre Smyth (Central Michigan)
Rashad Singleton (Georgia)
Octavious Spann (Georgia, unofficial)

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