Brockman Learned A Lot In Durham

Seattle power forward Jon Brockman can see the light at the end of the tunnel in his recruiting process. The 6-foot-7 240 pound banger has only one more step to take before sitting down with his parents and making a decision. On Tuesday he sat down with TDD's Steve Clark to discuss his official visit to Durham.

It was reported over the weekend that you eliminated UCLA after returning from your official visit to Duke. What happened to solidify that decision in your mind?

Well, to be honest with you, once I got back from Duke, I just knew in my heart that I was going to be deciding between Duke and UW, I just knew that those two places are the best situation for me personally.

With UW and Duke, it seems like a battle of heart and mind to an outsider. Which factors favor Washington? Which favor Duke?

With UW, obviously it's the hometown school, I'll be close to the family, and while they aren't as good basketball wise, they are still a good team. With Duke, it's all the obvious things, they are one of the best programs in the country, the competition in the ACC is the best anywhere and I know I would be challenged as a basketball player and a person if I went to Duke.

You mentioned your family in your last response, can you comment on how you and the family took in the "Duke Family Atmosphere"?

It was a really great experience, everything was so relaxed and comfortable, with all the guys, I just felt so welcome and a part of the group, it was really awesome to experience it.

Can you comment specifically on how you got along with the players? How was your time broken up among the current team?

One night I spent with the freshman, mostly DeMarcus and David; we went out bowling, hung out and relaxed, that was fun. Then I hung out with the juniors another day, got to spend the night with JJ Redick and watched football games, chilled out and got to know them better.

Was there anyone you really hit it off well with?

Shav and I hit it off really well. We discussed our testimonies with each other and talked about what our faith means to us, it was neat to learn more about him, He's a good guy.

You had the opportunity to play some pickup ball with the team. How did that go, and what did you think of your performance against the guys?

It was a little bit different from normal pick up ball, these guys played so well together. The passing was good -- nice and crisp games. As far as how I felt I did, I thought I did really well, I'm in really good shape right now and I felt like I competed really hard.

What was the competition like there?

All those guys are really competitive and it was really cool playing those college guys, it's another level and I felt pretty good playing with them.

How do you feel now that you've played with the team, do you see yourself fitting in there basketball wise?

It's hard to get a read on it, just playing pickup with them, but yeah, I did feel pretty comfortable playing there, I see myself fitting in.

Ok, Word Association now, I'll name a factor, you tell me which school has the advantage and why:

Playing time

No advantage either way, each school I have to earn my way.


Duke offers more, just having so many quality inside guys there.

Social Atmosphere

UW advantage there, just because I've been around it for so much longer.

Academic Success

Obviously, Duke has the advantage there, they are in the Top Ten in the country academically, but UW is a great school as well.

Preparing you for the NBA or career outside of basketball

I think Duke opens more doors nationally for me, while UW will be more of a around this area thing. The NBA isn't as much a focus for me, at least right now.

Where you feel comfortable

It's so hard to tell, they are equal there, I can be comfortable in either place.

What did your parents think of the visit? What's their take on Coach K

Both my parents feel very good about Coach K, they got to be around him all weekend and got to know him on a personal level, they both like him a great deal.

How about you? When you look at Coach K, do you think your parents and yourself would trust him to be a mentor to you for time at college?

I know both my parents and I feel like we can trust Coach K in every way, from the brief while I've known him, he's done nothing but show me that he's a guy who cares about me and wants me to do well in life, so yes, I think all of us trust him.

Have Coach K and Coach Romar offered you any advice on your decision?

Yeah, they've both said how much they want me to come to their schools and all that, but they have also said there is no pressure, take all the time I need and make the decision I need to make, they are both very supportive of me.

How much, if any, does having a relationship with Greg Paulus and Josh McRoberts play into the equation? I heard you and Greg talked the other day, can you comment specifically on what was talked about?

We just talked about regular stuff, no big deal, we hadn't talked in awhile, he asked how the visit and stuff went. Having those guys in my life as friends does play a role, but not the sole role in my decision.

How much input and influence do your parents have in your decision?

My parents are being very supportive of me, they aren't putting any pressure on me to go anywhere, they want me to make the right decision for me and they will support me either way I go.

Overall how would you describe your visit to Duke?

Well, first thing that surprised me was how busy they kept me, I was up early each day, having meetings with academic advisors, support staff, so many different things. The campus is beautiful, kinda small, but really really nice.

I got a chance to go to Coach K's home for a barbecue with the team and most of his family was there, man, his house was huge and everything was just so nice, I really got to see the family side of Coach K there, which was cool, had a good time with that.

Now that you've had a chance to digest things a bit more, if you had to make a decision tomorrow it would be…

It's just too hard to think about now, I still have so much to think about, right now each school is even, there are plusses and minuses to each school, it's just too hard to make a decision right now, I gotta take some time.

What's the next step for you now?

I have a visit set up with UW for the weekend starting the 8th of October. I'm going to go in and really experience the social side of things over there -- I've known the basketball side of it for awhile, now I need to see how the social atmosphere compares to Duke.

Can you shed some light on what is going to help you make the decision, now that you have nearly all the info you've said you're looking for?

Once I get back from UW in October, I'll sit down with the folks and look at all the factors and make the decision, I won't lie, it's going to be hard, but I'm just going to follow my heart and go from there.

Stay tuned for more on Jon Brockman throughout the remainder of his recruiting process.

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