Post Game Quotes: Roof, Talley, Davis

The Blue Devils met the media after falling to Maryland 55-21

Head Coach Ted Roof

"It was a tale of two halves. We were a different team in the second half. We played too much on defense. Part of that was the offense's fault and part was the defense's fault for not getting off the field on third down. Then, offensively we gave up turnovers in the red zone and we cannot do that."

On the freshmen learning: "We have to learn quicker and have to go back to the fundamentals of basic blocking, tackling, and throwing the ball where you are supposed to throw it. These are things that we have to do to put us in the position to win."

On the time of possession: "Part of that was we couldn't stay on the field on offense and couldn't get off the field on defense. There is really no one phase to blame. The blame goes to everyone, including me."

Cornerback John Talley

On his interception return for a touchdown: "The receiver was running a slant and then he [Maryland QB, Joe Statham] overthrew him. I broke on the ball and bobbled it for a while and then I just ran down the sideline-- then into the endzone. I was trying to beat the quarterback to one point and once I beat him to that point I knew I would have the touchdown."

"Maryland is a good team and they work hard. We were out there a long time and played as hard as we could. They just seemed to come out on the good end and we came out on the short end of the stick."

"It was a hard loss but we just have to put it behind us. We will look at the tape and then put it behind us and go out and play hard next week. We cannot let this game affect us next week or we will come away with the same result."

Safety Chris Davis

"Of course I am disappointed in the loss. We looked at the film going into the game this week and we knew that they had some weaknesses. We figured we had a chance. Coach called the return and our guys blocked real well. All our guys formed as a team and I was able to get it and run down the sideline."

On being a young team and learning quickly: "A lot of us are from the Atlanta area and once we all committed we started working out together. Right now it seems like we are a young team, but we have been working out and catching balls together for a while. We are freshmen on stats and on paper but we feel like we have been here longer than that."

"We came out on fire and of course everyone knows that a lot of our guys have been going down. Our depth went away at the end and we were out there for a long time. We cannot have any excuses, but some of the guys got tired. We know what we have to do to win and we did that in the first and second quarter."

"We feel like we have a chance against everyone. Coming into the Citadel game we are the favorite, but we cannot let that go to our heads because we still have something to go out and prove. We have to win in the ACC and that is what we are here for. We are not here to just beat The Citadel to go to a game, but if we have to start with The Citadel that is what we will do."

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