McRoberts: "I'm Not Ready"

Josh McRoberts doesn't have to deal with the recruiting process anymore. Now instead of being asked which school he'll play for, he's quizzed on other issues including the NBA. However, for this Indiana power forward the task of dealing with the media is no sweat.

He's broken his back. And recovered.

He's gone through the recruiting process. And handled it quite well.

He's picked a school. An chances are, if you're reading this, you're aware that it's Duke.

And he's proven his worth against the nation's elite high school basketball players.

And then some.

And now -- with another season ahead of him -- 6-10 Josh McRoberts is settling down to enjoy his last year of high school. But for now, things have become more serene for the future McDonalds All American from Carmel High.

"Not much going on here lately to be honest, other than the visit" said the left-handed whiz from his Indiana home, referring to his recent in-home visit with Mike Krzyzewski.

"It went very well, and not too much basketball was discussed," he said. "I think it just made both sides even more comfortable with each other. Not really too much new stuff, to be honest," he said. "They just said that they expect me to come in and play right away."

Many analysts and scouts are starting to mention McRoberts' name when it comes to the high school to the NBA talk. And yup -- it's commonplace in objective reporting to ask a kid about it.

"No, I haven't really thought about, or even seriously discussed it," he said. "I won't completely rule it out though, just because, but I think I definitely need college, and so does Coach, so I plan on being at Duke. It's just a question that is asked of me, and I never really consider it at all."

"I'm honored that people ask really," he continued. "But I'm not seriously considering it as a valid option."

Then, the conversation evolved to Jon Brockman, McRoberts' friend, and Duke's top target remaining on the board for 2005. And just like McRoberts' reactions to most anything else -- he isn't sweating this either.

"I don't really say too much to him anymore," he said. "And don't really need to, because he knows that we all want him at Duke."

McRoberts also had a message to the Duke fans out there...

"I know that I will come in and work hard. And take pride in representing and continuing the legacy that is Duke Basketball and enjoy playing for the best fans in all of sports."

Spoken like a true politician. No sweat.

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