Post Game Quotes: Roof, Roland, Boyle, & Woodard

Head coach Ted Roof, tight end Andy Roland, and freshman running back Justin Boyle react to the season's first victory of the season in the post game media conference.

Head Coach Ted Roof

"It is certainly a good start. It wasn't pretty at times, but there were a lot of positive things. The guys hung in there and I was proud and happy to get the win."

On Mike Schneider and Andy Roland's Two Touchdowns:

"Andy [Roland] has been one of our most productive players for a few years now. Good things happen when he touches the ball. I thought Mike [Schneider] did a much better job managing the game today. From the checks and decisions he did a good job today. We executed today on third down on both sides of the ball, which was an achillies heal for us. I was proud we were able to turn that around."

On missed chances early:

"We cannot let that happen. I have a lot of respect for The Citadel as they did some things too, but we have to take advantage of our opportunities."

On difference of the time of possession from this week from last:

"You see what happens; Instead of playing 100 plays today [our defense] played about 50 plays. It makes a big difference."

"I was real proud of that [our special teams]. Especially, when you come out and start the game like that. It was a big lift. Anytime you block two punts you have a good chance to win and we did. We will build off it."

On the off week:

"We have to heal and get some guys back. Hopefully that will help us get some guys back. Obviously, we have some things we need to go back and work on. It gives us a chance to polish some things up and grow. Like I said, just get some guys back and hopefully that will happen in a couple of weeks against Georgia Tech because we need it."

Junior C.J. Woodard

"I just wanted to come out and take advantage of the opportunity I had, since I was making my first start in place of Brian Greene."

On the interception:

"He made it a little easy for me because he threw it off his back foot and floated a little bit. I took advantage of that and ran up under it. It seemed like it took forever to come down, but I just tried to get as many yards as I could have a better opportunity to score."

"It is an off week, but we will still work hard and prepare for Georgia Tech."

Andy Roland

"Last game we kept our defense on the field way to long. You cannot expect your defense to stay on the field that long and see action in over 100 plays-- they are not going to produce. We won the time of possession and that was one of our goals."

On the touchdown catches:

"Both were basically two new plays that we put in and were well designed. The first one was one out to the flat and Mike [Schneider] put it right there. The second one was a streak down the field and the safety went over top. Mike put it where it needed to be."

"As tight ends, I know I speak for the whole group. We love catching balls, making plays and making it happen. If there is pressure on us, that is fine and we will take it. We will hopefully get the ball and do things with it."

"The special teams the last two weeks have been phenomenal. Last week, we return a kickoff for a touchdown and this week two blocked punts in one game. You cannot ask for much more than that. Both the offense and defense stepped up today. We made a few mistakes, but overall it was great."

Freshman Justin Boyle

"There was a huge hole and I just ran to the daylight. It was kin d of funny because I could see myself on the television. It was just fun as the line did a good job."

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