Roof Press Conference Quotes

Coach Roof discussed the return of Cedric Dargan, the game against Tech, and more

On Cedric Dargan's return

"I think obviously it helps and it gives us a shot in the arm. He hadn't played in a while and I thought he did some good things and what you saw was that we got off to a shaky start but than as the game wore on he got better and got in the flow of things and got back with it. And having him in a situation where we can rep him to play like he is going to play a large part in the ball game as opposed to a few reps here and a few reps there to get back. There is a difference between practice shape and game shape, and hopefully we made some strides with him as far as getting him in game shape for this week for Virginia.

On Mike Schneider

"I thought he showed a lot of guts, a lot of character, and a lot of toughness. Which, when your quarterback shows those types of characteristics it rubs off on the rest of your football team. And I was pleased to see him do that, but he is fine. He was in my office this morning wondering what he could do better and how he could help our team."

On scoring

"Execution. You're right, we do have to score more. We have to execute and take care of the football and make some plays. We have to make some plays that we are in position to make to keep drives alive to get some big plays and loosen things up."

On Virginia's physicality and how Duke matches up

"If you look at the ACC stats they lead the ACC in every offensive category. So we do have a tremendous challenge, but it is also a great opportunity. As far as we match up, well, they lead the ACC in everything for a reason. They have good coaches and good players. We have to play better and we have to coach better. It's a combination of a bunch of things. As for as how we match up, that's why you play the game to go find out how you match up. Play it on paper or in the newspaper, there wouldn't be any reason to do it. But we are playing on the field for a reason and we will find out where we are."

On how Virginia's loss to Florida State will affect them

"I'm sure Al will have them ready to play and I'm sure they'll play a good football game."

On experience

"There is no substitute for experience. We have to gain some experience as we go and we have to play better and have to improve."

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