Official Visit In the Books For McRoberts

While taking in the first few practices of the season, many onlookers noticed a player sitting on the sidelines who could help out in the post this year. After all he was easily 6-foot-10 and at least 240 pounds from the looks of him. Unfortunately, all Blue Devil fans will have to wait until next year for Josh McRoberts to participate in official practices.

Actually this was the final leg in the recruiting process before Josh McRoberts signs his national letter of intent next month, something that has been over a year in the making. And while the Indiana power forward was secure with Duke as his collegiate choice, he still had to learn the other side of the program.

"I met with academic advisors and talked about that side of things," said McRoberts. "I've been to campus a number of times, and this was the best one since all I had to do was be comfortable and enjoy it. It was nice because the coaches didn't have to impress me or anything like that."

Still, according to McRoberts, the Blue Devil program just has a way of impressing you when you're on a visit. And he even had a chance to learn something new.

"The practices were different than I had seen before because they are preseason practices. They went longer and there was a lot of coaching and information being processed throughout the session, and there was very little down time between drills. It's definitely going to be an adjustment when I get to college, but I'll be ready."

However before he can be ready for his preseason conditioning drills in Cameron, McRoberts is focused on improving his high school team's fortunes from last season when he missed over half the season with a back injury.

"I think we'll be pretty good, it's just a matter of working together as a team."

And after playing with next year's number one NBA Draft pick, Greg Oden, all summer, is McRoberts looking forward to matching up with big guy?

"People always make that out to be a rivalry, but it's not. Greg and I are really good friends, and I think he's the best big man in the country. It's hard to compare us because we're two completely different players, but I think it'll be fun to compete with him."

McRoberts, who is ranked as the No. 3 overall prospect in the country by's Dave Telep, is a virtual lock to compete in this year's McDonalds All-American Game.

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