Post Game Quotes: Dockery, Williams, and K

Sean Dockery, Shelden Williams, and Coach K spoke with the media after the Blue-White game.

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

"That was a good thing tonight. We had a very good crowd that created a great atmosphere. Overall, I was pleased. We're seeing improvement. A few of our guys are in unbelievable shape and some of the other guys need to catch up to that. You split people up, so Shav[lik Randolph] and Shelden [Williams] are playing against each other and obviously Shelden played very well. And Sean [Dockery] played extremely well. He valued the ball. I really think the two kids on that team, [David] McClure and [Reggie] Love, didn't need to touch the ball to play hard and so they got 14 rebounds between them. Those are good role players to be able to do that and also play defense. One of the things for us is just to see them under game conditions. We're healthy and we're ready to go on."

On J.J. Redick's play

"I just think J.J. never got tired. You get tired guarding him and that's good. He's in great, great shape. I was proud of him because for a long period of time he didn't shoot the ball because his teammates were doing something else. It was like role reversal there late in the game. He led the break and pitched out to Sean for a shot. I thought he led very well, verbally and example-wise. Most juniors in our program are in better shape, not just this year, but Johnny Dawkins, Grant Hill, Christian Laettner. You mature. It takes you a while to figure it out. J.J. was in good shape last year. For two months of the year, he was as good a player as there was in the United States. But it wears on you. People are coming at you, so you need to be in incredible shape to withstand the trials and tribulations of the season."

On Reggie Love

"Reggie is a very good athlete. He's got really good feet and he's trying to make an impact by complementing the other guys. Any points he scores is a bonus. He played really good defense and he screened well. McClure did the same thing and those are real big performances because those are the kinds of complementary things that we're going to need. Reggie will play significant minutes for us. He's a good player. We have a very mature guy who wants to be a good role player for us. I'm surprised he's as ball-friendly as he is. We're very fortunate to have him."

On his team's maturity

"They know a little bit more now about how a season goes. They're not surprised and so there's better preparation for them. I really thought Daniel played well, too. The white team just didn't have the cohesiveness."

Shelden Williams

"It felt pretty good. It was the first game setting with fans watching us and cheering us on, and we're just very anxious and excited about how our team's going to come together. It was fun just going out there and playing in front of the Cameron Crazies."

"This is the first step when you prepare for the season. Any time you go out there in a game setting, you want to go out there and approach it like a [regular season] game. Any time you're in a game setting, you want to win. I had my game face on, and I wanted to win from the jump ball."

Sean Dockery

"I think our guys played really well today. We've still got a lot to learn, but we played pretty good today."

"When you get in game situations, you see where the guys can be at in game situations and just learn about our team more and more. It just gets you excited more than anything."

"We have to improve on a lot. We're in great shape, but we want to be in the best shape of any team in our conference or out of conference - point guards, big men, everybody, just so we can be one up on the court."

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