Quotes: Roof, Schneider, Stanford, Elliot

Head coach Ted Roof met the media after Duke's close loss to the Wake Forest Demon Deacons on Saturday afternoon in Winston Salem.

On offensive production

"We need to finish drives and get touchdowns. I saw a lot of improvement on offense and defense. I give Wake Forest credit, they play well and they are well-coached."

On Mike Schneider

"Mike played well, he did a good job in directing the team. He made good decisions and hit a lot of guys for gain and put them in position to score. I am proud of his overall performance."

On playing against the rush

"I am not satisfied with the way the players played against the rush today, and I don't think they are either."

On overall performance "We've got to take full advantage of opportunities once we get them downfield. Turnovers are costly and they certainly were today. Putting everything together and executing is the main thing. We made some good plays and the defense held up well. I'm proud of the take aways and blocked kicks."

Duke CB Kenny Stanford

On the game

"The game was disappointing. We came to play but just played two points short. We knew they would come to play hard and it was a good game, but we lost. We did a good job early on, but they just kept pounding the ball at us. It's not offense or defense, we must win at all costs as a team."

Duke QB Mike Schneider

On the execution of the game plan

"We had a great game plan coming in. They did not do anything we didn't expect them to do, but mistakes hurt us. We cannot throw two interceptions and I take the blame for that. We still played a great game and everyone played their part. We have a good team, but we just have to step it up."

Duke WR Ronnie Elliott

On the confidence level of the team

"I think we set a sustaining effort and the confidence was there today. Our game is improving, but it's still disappointing. We must do a better job of executing the coach's plays, especially in the red zone."

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