Griffin Challege: N.J. Rules In 2007

<b>NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. –</b> The Jersey sophomores were 12 points better than their Philadelphia counterparts in the Class of 2007. In the first game at the Eddie Griffin Challenge, Jeff Robinson led the Jersey contingent to victory.

Antonio Jardine sensed what was happening. His Philadelphia team was about to get deep sixed by the 2007 crew from New Jersey. The Philly boys were a possession or two from having the game slip away from them early in the second half.

Then it happened, Jardine (aka Scoop) went to work. The 6-foot-1 point guard who has somewhat of a Mustafa Shakur-like body style combined with what appears to be a steady shot from the perimeter, began turning it on.

A slick drive here, an elbow jumper there with a 3-pointer mixed in were just what the Philadelphia team needed. In the end, Jardine finished with an impressive 20 points and a well-earned reputation as one of the premier points in his class.

While Jardine won over admirers, what he couldn't get was a win for his team. Led by small forward Jeff Robinson (20 points) and the inside play of power forward Corey Raji (22 points), New Jersey finally pulled away for the 97-85 victory.

Robinson, a standout from vaunted St. Patrick's High, is an energy guy. He seemingly willed in a few 3-pointers, snared some key rebounds in traffic and even finished contested opportunities. Raji, all he did was put the ball in the basket and hung around in the paint maximizing his chances.

The highly-touted wings in the New Jersey backcourt – Corey Fisher and Corey Stokes – combined for 17 points. Meanwhile, the shooting guard who did the most to help his stock in this one was Philly's Jeff Jones who, en route to his 21 points, scored in a variety of ways, including from the perimeter.


Philadelphia (85) – Jeff Jones 21, Antonio Jardine 20, Marcus Morris 4, Andrew Pomager 6, Chris Edwards 7, Richard Jackson 10, Merkeith Morris 4, Josh Martin 0, Kenny Spotwood 2, Malcolm Eleby 15.

New Jersey (97) – Corey Fisher 7, Corey Stokes 10, Miles Beatty 10, Jeff Robinson 21, Anthony Nelson 3, Zack Rosen 4, Corey Chandler 8, Idris Hilliard 9, John Marciano 2, Corey Raji 22.

NOTES – It's extremely early in the recruitment of Jardine but watch out for Arizona and North Carolina. The point guard said that Arizona has already been out to see him and UNC has shown interest as well. … Guard Corey Stokes said that Rutgers is recruiting him the hardest of any school at this juncture. … MVP trophies were awarded to Robinson and Jardine. …

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