West Linn OL Has First Visit Set

Ben Loebner is a 6-9, 315-pound offensive lineman from West Linn, Oregon, and lately Loebner has had his hands full trying to help his football team make the playoffs. "We started out slow, but we've won 4 out of our last 5," Loebner told Scout.com. West Linn put together a 38-6 win over Oregon City to clinch a playoff berth, but now get number-one seeded Jesuit for their efforts.

Has his senior season been all he wanted it to be? So far, so good for Loebner. "In the off-season I really wanted to work on my pass protection, and I feel like it's a strength now," he said. "That's important as I try to look to the next level."

While some prep prospects concentrate solely on their senior seasons, Loebner has mixed in a little recruiting on the side. "I went to a game at Oregon State (California), then up to Washington (San Jose State) and then down to Nevada a few weeks ago," he said.

"What I really like about it (gameday experience) is that I get to talk to the coaches a little more and I also get to see how they act when they are just around their guys - what they are like during game-day situations and how they coach. It's really fun to watch. I've noticed a lot of the same things, especially at Oregon, Oregon State and Washington. There's such a huge difference between high school and college. It's exciting to think about what it's going to be like next year."

Nevada (12/10 OV) and Duke (late November official visit, depending on playoffs) are still the only two schools to have offered Ben. "They are both really pushing me to make a decision," he said. "I know they have to watch out for themselves too. I feel like I can wait around a little while longer. I will take officials to both of those schools. I want to take a deep look at both of those schools, see where I am with everybody else and then see if it's time to make a decision or wait a little while longer."

It's clear that, while having considerable interest in the schools that have offered him, Loebner has a pull toward the Pac-10. "Growing up here, the Pac-10 is a favorite of mine, so I kind of want to wait to see what happens with them," he said. "Duke is in the ACC, which is in an amazing conference, and Nevada is in the WAC, which is not at all a bad conference at all. It's just that the Pac-10 just kind of has that air about it for me."

So then the decision turns to which Pac-10 team he likes the best - a decision that's proving to be a difficult one for Loebner. "Every time I go to one of those schools, it's really exciting, and then I go back to another one and I remember how exciting it is there, too," he said.

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