It's Decision Day For Greg Paulus

One way or another Duke will have an answer today in the saga that has been Greg Paulus' decision to sign his National Letter of Intent with the Blue Devils. After committing 14 months ago and actively recruiting several of his future teammates to Durham, many had thought signing was nothing more than a formality. However that's just not the case anymore.

Greg Paulus' football career could be in the final days, or it could be just beginning depending on which analyst you want to believe. Despite his public statements, many have begun to wonder if the No. 28 rated player in the class of 2005 will indeed play for Mike Krzyzewski next year in Durham.

Still the Paulus camp's spokesperson and Greg's father, Dave, maintains there is nothing happening and no cause for alarm at this point.

"His goal is to go to Duke and play basketball," the elder Paulus said. "He just doesn't want to draw attention away from his football team."

However in this day and age of high profile recruiting and high speed information, the lack of a signature on his letter has fueled speculation that a change of heart may abound.

Rated as the No. 5 overall quarterback in the country and a four star prospect by, Paulus has been selected to participate in the annual U.S. Army All-American game in January, to be broadcast on NBC – an honor that few prepsters ever receive.

It's something that and USA Today recruiting analyst Tom Lemming believed was a no-brainer when he helped select Paulus for the game.

"He's the closest player I've seen to anyone resembling Joe Montana. Has a quick release, timing, exceptional instincts, coolness under pressure and the ability to buy time while waiting for receivers to get open. Believe me, this is a special player who can change the fortunes of any team he eventually signs with," Lemming said.

High praise, though many in the recruiting industry have openly questioned Lemming's motives over the past few months.

"That guy has his own agendas and this is just the latest example of that," said one assistant at an east coast high major program. "He's not shy about it. He thinks the kid should play football in college. And he thinks it should be in South Bend."

Still, despite analysts like Lemming, Paulus has remained steadfast over the past year that this would be his final season on the gridiron. Still, with his success over the past few years, it's certainly a tough proposition to end his highly decorated football career according to his father.

"He thinks it should be special," Dave Paulus said. "To just send it in and let it go is not the way he wants to do it."

"The only reason it hasn't been already done is because of football. If football wasn't going on, he would have had a press conference this past Wednesday afternoon."

A week later we've reached the final day prospects can sign in the fall signing period and as of Tuesday there was still no resolution and no signature, however there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

As one source put it: "At least we'll know something by Wednesday, one way or another."

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