Post Game Quotes: Duke vs. UTM

Mike Krzyzewski, Daniel Ewing, and Shelden Williams spoke to the media following the game

Mike Krzyzewski

"The first thing is that the fans were great. For the first night, the students had everything packed. It was a good atmosphere. I thought we played hard. We played well defensively and we rebounded well. We didn't shoot as well and we didn't finish. Obviously, when that happens, the other team has a stake in that. They didn't let us get layups and they kept challenging things. We have to shoot better from the free throw line, but overall, I thought we played well. We got a lot of time for different players and looked at different combinations. When you get that many rebounds, you force turnovers and you play hard, you have to be pleased."

On the difference between the first and second halves

"I didn't think we were playing poorly in the first half. We were shooting poorly. If the other team quits on you, you don't have to worry about those things, but Tennessee-Martin played hard all game, so they stayed in there. I thought we were a little bit nervous shooting the ball in the first half. But I think that was just because it was the first game. I didn't think we were nervous in any other aspect of the game. We weren't nervous, but we were nervous shooting the ball. But in the second half, we weren't."

On the play of David McClure and DeMarcus Nelson

"McClure has been really solid. He got three steals and a couple of blocks. He's efficient. He actually is our most efficient guy outside of the top four guys on our team. And if we can have DeMarcus continue to get playing time, he doesn't have to be as efficient because he'll get more shots just because of the type of player he is. When he gets healthy, instead of three-for-eleven in that amount of time, he might go seven-for-eleven. With nine rebounds, that's a pretty good contribution and that's what we need to focus on. I'm pleased with both of those kids."

On the different lineups Duke uses

"Whoever plays that fifth position, that's not what everyone on the bench should be competing for. They should be developing their roles so that I can put any of them in that fifth spot without going through psychological and emotional swings. If I wanted to start Sean [Dockery] against Davidson, it's not a big thing to Sean, nor is it a big thing to Dave [McClure]. That's the type of team I'm trying to develop. It's a little bit different and I've been spending a lot of time working on it with the kids. Like when Reggie [Love] comes in, he's Reggie, not the fifth starter."

Shelden Williams

"Overall, it was a pretty good game. We got off to a kind of slow start offensively in the first half, and we played pretty much good defense throughout the game. One of the points we made at halftime was that we have to play [offense] the same way we played on defense. We got out, hit our first couple of shots, got onto a roll, and took it all from there."

On the physical play in the lane

"I have to expect it. I just have to be more composed, be patient, and let things happen instead of me rushing things."

Daniel Ewing

On Duke's defense

"That's the type of team we have to be, regardless of whether our shots or falling and what we're doing on offense. We have to be able to come out and stop guys on the defensive end, because when it comes down to it, that's what will win games for you. I think our defense was pretty solid throughout the whole night, despite of how we played in the first half on the offensive end. We still maintained and played good defense - we only gave up 25 points in the first half. In the second half, we just put together both a defensive and an offensive game, and it clicked."

On Duke having six players in double figures

"That's what we're going to have to have, because on certain nights, myself, J. J. [Redick], Shelden [Williams], or Shav [Randolph] might not give you the average that they'd been making in previous games. And guys like David [McClure] and DeMarcus [Nelson] and Lee [Melchionni] and Sean [Dockery] - those guys have to step up and make plays for us, and they did tonight. Guys continue getting better for us, and if they continue to do that, then I think we'll be a good team."

"Obviously we could've started better. If I had to grade this first game, I'd give ourselves an A-minus. I think in the first half we came out pretty good, but offensively, we weren't really playing with any confidence. They didn't really do anything in particular to stop us on the offensive end in the first half. We had open shots, we had good shots, but we didn't finish shots, and we weren't taking things with confidence. I think we played really good defense for 40 minutes solid. In the second half we just put it all together on both ends, and things started to cook for us."

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