Coach K Post Game Quotes

Head coach Mike Krzyzewski met the media following the game with Davidson

Coach K:

"We beat an excellent basketball team tonight. Bobby [McKillop] is just one of the best coaches in America. And when he has an experienced team, he's got a chance to beat anybody."

"They play hard and smart - they're a difficult team to defend. We played great defense, and that's what gave us that lead at halftime and the 20-point lead. But they wear you out - they're not going to quit."

"The kid who had a magnificent game for us was Sean Dockery. We needed an experienced perimeter to play against them, and Sean came through. Kosmalski played a man's game - he was the best big man on the court and gave them a presence, and he lifted his team with that."

"One of the things that makes their team difficult to defend is that they can scored from a lot of spots. We played great defense to keep them to 61 points. If they stay healthy, they're a tournament team and have a chance to win their conference."

"Our offensive struggles were primarily due to Davidson's defense."

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