One on One with Vincent Oghobaase

This weekend Duke will make history in the Ted Roof era by hosting a five star caliber recruit on an official visit. Despite the struggles on the field this year, the Blue Devils have some recruiting momentum building and a positive showing with Texas stud Vincent Oghobaase this weekend could turn that momentum into a landslide.'s Steve Clark sat down with Vince Oghobaase and his mother on Wednesday night to get some insight on the player, the recruit, and the person off the field.

No matter which school you choose, what do you think you'll bring to that program?

I definitely think I bring a hard worker's mentality, I'm always striving to improve my game, also, I'm bringing a humble attitude, I like being a part of a team

We've all heard about Vincent on the field, but what's something that people don't know about you?

I think the biggest thing is I am really laid back dude-- I like to chill out with my friends and just do normal stuff, I work a job at the mall, I just try to be a regular kid, that's the easiest thing I can think of.

What are you looking for in regards to where you are going to spend the next four or five years of your life? What's really important to you when it comes to your decision?

Well, graduating in December, I'm really looking to go into a school in January and start working hard on their workout program. Most important to me though is going to a place that has the degree program that I'm interested in (Mechanical Engineering), plus, having a good relationship with the Head Coach, D-Line Coach, that's really important to me, as well as playing as a freshman, I want a legit chance to earn some playing time right off the bat.

True freshmen usually have an uphill climb when trying to play early. Does that intimidate or concern you?

Well, I know I bring a lot of ability and I just want to contribute, I'm not afraid of challenges, so going in and wanting a chance to compete to play is ok with me.

You've gotten over 30 offers so far. What made your top five schools stand out?

Well, my parents and I really did our homework over the summer on our unofficial visits to find out about each school. When it came down to it, the schools that earned official visits are the schools that I feel very strongly are places I could see myself going to for four or five years.

Most people look at your list of official visits and see the best of the best in college football. However, Duke stands out a bit because of recent history not being kind. What is it about Duke that has earned them a high ranking at this point?

The thing with Duke is that they have been nothing short of honest with me throughout the whole process. I know they aren't doing so well right now, but I've had a lot of contact with their Recruiting Coordinator and they have just been real honest with me throughout the whole process.

What has been unique about Duke's approach to recruiting you?

Obviously Duke has to take a different approach than some of the other schools, they are really looking at me as somebody who could be a cornerstone of what they are trying to build down there as far as their program.

That's a lot of pressure on an incoming freshman isn't it?

Well, it's really exciting! I mean, I know I could go in and contribute right away down there – I think they are turning the corner when it comes to football.

Heading into your weekend visit in Durham, what are the expectations like?

I'm really excited about going down to Duke. I've already had the chance to see the academic side of things and how I would fit in with their football program, this weekend is really just a time just to see what my feelings are with Duke.

Seems like you're working through the process. If you had to pick where you stood with schools at this point, where would that be?

It's hard to answer that because I don't have all the info that I need, it's really going to come down to me getting a feeling about a certain school and knowing in my heart that's the place for me, I can't really comment on if one school leads or another, I just need to give it some more time.

In speaking with your mom earlier, she mentioned that you've got a strong religious belief, and that it's a big part of who you are on and off the field. Can you elaborate on that?

Well, I've had a relationship with the Lord since I was a little boy, He's always been a part of my life and as such, I try to include Him in all that I do in life. I stay active in a youth organization called Young Life, which holds weekly bible studies and fun get-togethers, and I try real hard to stay humble, everything that is happening to me is a blessing from God, I try to never forget that.

On the football field I always know whom I'm playing for when I go out on that field. I try real hard to be a leader by example out there for the younger guys. I try to never forget to always Thank God for the abilities that He's given me to play this game and I also pray for my team, that we would always play together as a team, like the Lord wants us to.

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