Experts: What Paulus Brings To Duke

It's officially official, finally. Greg Paulus, the No. 2 ranked point guard in the class of 2005 has signed his National Letter of Intent. In fact he signed it weeks ago, and after today's 3:00 PM press conference at Christian Brothers Academy, this monster can finally be put to rest. So what does Paulus finally ending the circus mean for the Blue Devils?

Since the fall signing period ended, many have publicly stated their various opinions. Some recruiting analysts, even attempted to pursue their own agendas with articles and propaganda aimed at pushing Greg towards a career in college football, namely at Notre Dame. However, those agendas never had a chance as Paulus had signed his letter weeks ago.

Now, with his top rated recruiting class all signed, head coach Mike Krzyzewski can turn his attention to adding another big man to the class, or focus on the current crop of juniors.

But what does Paulus bring to Duke? ACC recruiting analyst Clint Jackson and's Dave Telep offered their opinions.

First and foremost is that he's a play maker," said Jackson. "He sees the floor and goes right at the heart of the defense and creates open looks for everyone else. He's tough, scrappy and strong. Credit his quarterback awareness and credit his point guard leadership for giving this New Yorker the ability to deliver the ball at the precise moment in time."

Telep concurred, and expounded on what finally locking up Paulus could mean for Duke.

"Greg Paulus is a big help to Duke on a number of fronts," said Telep. "It stabilizes their PG situation for the next four years. He brings so many intangibles that it'll be hard to just calculate his worth by stats. This is a proven leader, and as a player he'll be an extension of Mike Krzyzewski on the floor. He wants to be a coach someday so you know he's got an understanding of the game."

"Plus, the addition of Paulus means Duke won't have to recruit a PG in 2006 and won't have to go hunting for one late in 2005. It frees them up to look at other recruiting scenarios, not to mention bringing in one of the best at his position in the Class of 2005."

Paulus, joins Josh McRoberts, Jamal Boykin, Eric Boateng, and Martynas Pocius as members of Duke's class.

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