Duke Impresses Oghobaase Family

After having a busy weekend while visiting the Duke campus on his official visit, Vincent Oghoobaase and his family returned home late Sunday evening. Despite the busy weekend, the five star prospect was back in the swing of things, working late on Monday. However, TDD had a moment to speak with his mother to get the family's thoughts on the weekend.

For starters, what were your thoughts as a family on the Duke visit?

There were so many positives to this weekend. I don't even know where to start. As a family, we really enjoyed the family atmosphere that the Duke Football Team has, we did a lot of things with the coaching staff and players and overall, it really was a great experience.

You mentioned expectations earlier, did anything really surprise you about this weekend ?

Well, nothing really surprised us, we were well prepared with questions, but the thing that stood out was how passionate everybody involved with the team was. Especially with the current team members, they all touched on how committed they are to Coach Roof and the program that is in place.

Take us through some of the highlights of the visit ?

Well, we arrived later than Vincent due to work schedules, but once we got there, we got a chance to meet with the coaching staff and also some academic advisors, as well as a professor from the Engineering Department. Vincent wanted to find out about the admissions process and about various classes.

Did you feel your questions were answered?

We actually had a chance to speak with several of the players who are in the Engineering Program. It was important to Vincent to see how much of a balance there is between the academic demands of starting in January, but also with how the academic demands during the school year match up with his football commitments. We want him to have a well rounded experience and from what we saw, it really looks like that's the case at Duke.

Getting the chance to speak with just the players around was really great, they were nothing but forthcoming with us, really got a good impression from them overall. Vincent was really excited about what the Engineering program had to offer him.

Any other notable meetings or events?

We actually had a chance to have a meal with Coach Roof and his family. That was a great experience right there.

What were you initial impressions of Coach Roof?

We were really happy and impressed with Coach Roof, he is such a solid, funny, down to earth man. We really hit it off very well with him and his family; Vincent seemed to hit it off with him very well and we just had a great time with him.

Anything else?

We would definitely trust Coach Roof. He's very down to earth like I said, we definitely trust Coach Roof the person and coach. We told him in our conversation that he doesn't need to sell the school as far as the family atmosphere and the academics, we just need to see how Vincent feels about how he fits in football wise.

Vincent has said it's going to come down to a "feeling" when choosing a school. What are you thoughts on his impression of Duke?

Vincent mentioned to his father and I that he definitely had a really positive feeling about Duke. From what he shared with us he had nothing but positive things to say about Duke and his relationship with the coaching staff, and he seemed totally relaxed and comfortable the whole weekend.

Now that you've had a chance to see several schools, have any stuck out in your mind?

To be honest, they all kind of seem the same. Every one of them really emphasized the family atmosphere, how they feel about Vincent, the plans they have for him, stuff like that.

What role, as parents, do you assume in this process?

We are going help out Vincent out as much as possible with his decision. After all, he's still only a kid. We're making sure that he gets all his questions answered and picks the school that's right for him. We feel very blessed by the Lord for giving Vincent the opportunity and we want him to be mature with his thought process here.

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