Post Game Quotes: Duke v Toledo

Coach K, Dan Ewing, Shavlik Randolph, Shelden Williams, & Demarcus Nelson met the media post game.

DUKE HEAD COACH Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement
"We're pleased with our effort after the first few minutes of the game. I think that you can blame it on exams or whatever, but I don't think it was exams. I think it was Toledo. I think they really came in here well prepared, they're always well prepared and they knocked us back. That's to their credit. We kind of righted the ship, so to speak, our bench really helped us. DeMarcus [Nelson], Shav [Randolph], Reggie [Love] really did a great job for us tonight. That doesn't mean that they'll always be the bench, but tonight they were. Of course we started two of them in the second half and I thought Shelden [Williams] was just terrific the whole game. That's the quickest he's been all year.

They went to a line-up where he had to play a lot out on the perimeter and I thought he really moved his feet well. We're pleased with the effort after the first few minutes because we played really good defense after that. Our big guys blocked a lot of shots, protected the bucket, and for a little bit in the second half, about six or seven exchanges, we executed half-court offense just about perfectly and then we played defense ... It wasn't like a spurt off the turnovers, it was a silent spurt with good execution on both ends of the court, which is kind of nice to see at this time of the year."

On thoughts before 700th win
"I didn't consciously reflect on it this afternoon because I have a ritual of what I do on game day. I just started thinking about it and I thought of my family and that I wish my mom was here and that kind of stuff. I really thought about Coach [Bob] Knight and Tom Butters because there is a reason that somebody is in the place they're in all the time and it's usually, not just usually but all the time, not just that person. Those two people have been unbelievably important for my development and if I did not touch them in my life, I would not touch 700 wins. I realize that and it always takes a team effort and Coach Knight and Tom Butters were huge for me."

On Duke's support throughout career
"One of the things about Duke University is that they've tried to do it like a family and they've tried to have patience and commitment. I call it collective responsibility where we win and lose together. As I see some people being fired over the past few years with winning records, I wonder ... how lucky was I. At 38-47, you're not running here to buy my book, or I don't have a book. Somebody has to be there for you and Duke has always been there for me and I'll always be there for Duke."

On DeMarcus Nelson
"DeMarcus is a good player. Those three weeks that he was out with his hand, he still doesn't have complete mobility in that hand, but you saw tonight and against Valpo that he can rebound and he can play a powerful game. I think he wants to play defense and even though he scored a lot of points in high school, I think the hand injury in some ways is good because he's not looking for his shot. He's trying to establish himself the way he should establish himself by playing defense and rebounding and being a good team guy."

Daniel Ewing
"It was a good win for our program, and for Coach [Mike Kryzewski] especially, his 700th win. That's something special. Not too many coaches get to reach that milestone. It was a good win for us, coming off exam week and getting back into things."

"We came out a little flat. We were a little nervous coming off exams and hadn't played in eight days. Knowing this was a big day for Coach, we wanted to do well, and I think we just started off on the wrong foot. But once we got going, we played really well."

DeMarcus Nelson
"We started off a little slow, so you could see that our week of exams kind of wore on us a little bit and made us a little sluggish. Coming off the bench, I wanted to just bring as much energy as I could and get some of the other players up and going."

On Toledo
"They were a good team. That was something that people might overlook, how good they really were. They played with a lot of heart, they were scrappy, and they were seasoned. They weren't scared of the Duke tradition or the Duke program. They came out to win. We had to really fight and fight until we opened up the game."

Shelden Williams
"We knew they were a good rebounding team, and that was one of the aspects that we needed to control in the game. We came in wanting to dominate on defense and on the rebounding end, and we actually did well on both of them."

"I know I can't help my team by watching the game (from the bench in foul trouble). I have to come out there and be smart on every play I'm in. I can't gamble on a lot of plays, whereas like last year, we had different guys coming in and subbing for me. We don't have that this year, and I have to be smart on the court."

Shavlik Randolph
On Coach K's 700th win
"It's an event that's so much bigger than any one of us on this team. It's something that, if I have kids someday, I can tell them that I was part of Coach K's 700th win. I think I can speak on behalf of everybody on this team that we feel privileged to be a part of that. It's something that I'm having a hard time fathoming right now. 700 wins - in one season, you think if you can get 30 that's good, and he's talking about 700. There have got to be so many that he doesn't even remember. It's just a big, big number."

"Coach didn't make a big deal out of it. He said one thing about it. He said, `Look, other people are going to make a big deal about it, but I'm not.' But, as a team, we understood that it was a milestone, and we wanted to go out and make sure that we didn't mess around with the game and win this one for Coach. It is a tremendous accomplishment."


Opening Statement
"Obviously we got off to a good start, but then we couldn't sustain it. I think we had some pretty good looks at the basket, it's just that they wouldn't fall. We wanted to avoid one of those situations where they would go on a 12 or 15-to-2 run and we couldn't avoid it. Obviously they're a great basketball team. Their size and athletic ability kind of wore us down a little bit. I thought our guys battled but it just seemed like we were a little bit short and then we started missing free throws and nothing positive would happen. We knew this would be a tough game coming in, under the circumstances. Not just because of [Mike Krzyzewski] going for 700, but just because it's Duke and we were playing here. What we wanted to do was try to improve as a basketball team and get ready to use this to our advantage as much as we possibly can."

On his team's game plan
"We had some good looks. We missed some layups and we missed some one-and-one's. Early we were getting those and then they started not to fall. We kind of knew that [J.J.] Redick and [Daniel] Ewing were 20-20 type guys so we said, `hey, let's try to pick our poison.'" We decided to try to play those guys tough and take our chances on their inside guys because if we would help out on them, then they'd start shooting threes and then we were concerned about them posting up. We knew that they could rebound the basketball. What we didn't want to do was turn the ball over where we couldn't set up our defense. They started to get some of those situations, so that made it a little bit tough."

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