Post Game Quotes: Duke v UIC

Coach K, Shelden Williams, and Sean Dockery met the media on Tuesday night

DUKE HEAD COACH Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement

"Illinois-Chicago was ready to play. We were not ready to play defensively. The second-straight home game, actually third game, as we were not ready to play defensively versus Michigan State. Once we did get ready, we played outstanding defense. We had 18 blocks and forced 23 tournovers. We look good when we play on defense because it translates into poise on the offensive end. It also translates into some opportunistic baskets when you score off of turnovers. Shelden [Williams] was terrific. I thought he had great poise. Basically you're in a position with him where you can almost always call a foul on somebody every time when they're guarding him just because he's doing such a good job of not swinging and being strong in there. He hit his free throws. I thought he played a great game. Our perimeter did better offensively, but we need to do even better than that. Defensively though, [Jovan] Stefanov had a great first half and in the second half, we made a change on how we were guarding him and it was effective. We did a really good job on [Cedric] Banks and I think we wore them down. They've been on an extended trip after beating Wilmington. We show that we can be a really good team, but we need to show it for a full 40 minutes and it starts with playing good defense."

On Duke's 21-0 run

"It wasn't like you were pressing full-court and getting turnovers. It was possession-by-possession and that's what we did against Toledo. Those are the best runs because if you want to beat anybody who's really good later in the season, you're not going to do it by pressing them and trapping them. You have to play half-court defense and execute on the offensive end. In the second half of each of the last two games, we've done that and what we need to do is do that in the first half of each of these games."

On slow start in the first half

"It's not a matter of not coming ready to play. Our kids work hard. This is a really great group of kids. We need to understand what song do you sing first in the medley and it's got to be the defensive song. Team defense. Team rebounding. If we're singing the offensive song, we're common. If we sing the defensive song, we're uncommon. It leads to the next song which is offense and that's the way that you have to do it. These two games should really show us who we need to become. We're still a team that's becoming and we will be for awhile."

JUNIOR FORWARD Shelden Williams

"We came out in the first half kind of slow and kind of worked our way into it. We wanted to make it a point in the second half to come out with fire and be electric throughout the whole second half. We did a good job of that. We got off to a good lead, and then we kind of let off a little bit, and then we kind of got back that fire again and tried to finish off the game."

"In the first half, I wasn't shooting the ball that much. Their big guys were being very aggressive with me, so I was just being patient. In the second half, I got a couple of offensive rebounds and kind of let loose, and it went from there."

"They did a good job when I got the ball of cutting off the angle before I could make my move. They were very physical and very aggressive, and they did a good job. I know we have great shooters out on the three-point line, so all I had to do was be patient and my time would come. And it came in the second half."


"Our defense came along - in the second half our defense was just awesome out there. If we just focus on the way we played in the beginning of the second half or the ending of the first half, then we'll be great."

On the upcoming match-up with Oklahoma

"Exams have been over for a while, so right now we're pretty much just focusing on basketball. We know they're a good team, and when the time comes, we'll be ready. We'll see where we are [at this point in the season]. hey've got a great coach and a great system, and you know they're going to play hard, so we're going to see where we are."

On Duke's schedule so far this year

"The way the coaching staff and this program sets up our schedule kind of shows NCAA Tournament [preparation]. We feel like we're taking these games in a Tournament mindset, and we're going to focus on the things we need to work on, so it will help us in the Tournament."

On the team's progress this season

"I feel like we're a good team but still not a great team. But I feel like we're getting better and better everyday, so that's a good thing. It's going to take a lot [to make us a great team]. Everybody's going to have to come out there 100 percent. I think we can be one of the best defensive teams if everybody puts their mind to it."


Opening Statement
"I'm grateful to the organization and to Coach K for giving us the opportunity to play on this stage. We certainly learned a valuable lesson on pressure defense and maybe we can get some positives from that and move forward. I thought my kids competed well in the first half. We told them how Duke can turn up the pressure and a 16-0 run in the second half was certainly turning up the pressure. Hopefully, this will be a positive experience for us."

On the 16-0 run in the second half
"I think it definitely hurt us. We went into the locker room at halftime with some ideas that if we came out and we were patient offensively, we could probably keep it pretty close. Their pressure took us out of everything we were trying to run."

On Duke's Shelden Williams
"We tried to double him a little bit, but Shelden is a big man. If you see people that we list at 6-9 and people like Shelden, who is listed at 6-9, you definitely see a difference. We slowed him down a little bit and perhaps Coach said something to him at halftime or maybe he got something in his mind or he saw something he could do. But once he catches the ball down on the low post, there are very few people who are going to stop those broad shoulders from getting to the hole. Plus, we didn't block him out well in the second half and he got a few dunks, his adrenaline got flowing and it was wild from there."

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