Five-Star Monster DT <b>Vince Oghobaase</b>, Texas Hot 100 #3, has made his decision. With scholarships from across the country, he has decided on just one lucky school.

"I'm going to Duke University," Vince Oghobaase said. "I always emphasize academics and Duke offers me the best opportunities out of all the other schools. I'm hoping to go in there and make a big impact for their program. They haven't really had a major impact recruit and I want to be a part of turning that program around. I like the challenge that offers me."

The 6-6, 310-pounder also cited his long-term future as being something he wanted to secure and felt like at Duke, he'd do just that.

"If I suffered a major injury, and couldn't play football anymore, but graduate from Duke, I know without a doubt that I would still be set for life," Oghobaase said.

And deep down inside, Vince said he could not have a made a better decision…

"They have wonderful facilities, a great atmosphere, and I really meshed well with the players and coaches."

Speaking of the coaches, the Blue Devils used half of their total staff to recruit Vince. He recognized that effort and make no mistake it paid dividends for Duke.

"It made me feel like they really wanted me -- 5-6 coaches coming after you like that, and then how genuine they were about everything, just made my decision easier."

The Texas Hot 100 #3 will enroll January 9th…

Message to the Duke alumni/fans?

"They're getting a big Christmas present. We're going to turn this program around and we're going to a bowl game next year."

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