One On One With Greg Paulus

Though his weekend at the annual GlaxoSmithKline Holiday Invitation didn't yield the on the court results he had hoped for, future point guard Greg Paulus did enjoy his trip to Tobacco Road, and is looking forward to finishing it up. The New York floor general spoke with TDD after Wednesday's game to provide an update on all this and more.

TDD: It seemed like you got welcomed to the ACC by some Carolina and N.C. State fans on opening night.

Greg Paulus: Yeah, it was fun. There are always going to be those people who heckle you, and I take it in stride. It's a great experience to see that kind of passion here. I'm looking forward to what they can dish out for four years.

Obviously you guys had a rough weekend. What can you take away from your trip?

We were 1-2, but we're playing better team basketball I think. We've only been together for four weeks, and not a lot of people know that. We won the state title in football on November 27th, and we had 15 hours to enjoy that before we hit the practice court. We've really shown a lot and are coming together really well given the time we've been together.

It was a busy couple of hours. We won the state title at 6:00 PM and then had to get up and be ready to go at 7:00 AM the next day. I think we're improving though.

What's going to be your biggest adjustment when you get to the ACC?

Every player can work on his entire game. I know I need to improve my shooting, my strength, and my endurance. I've never touched a weight in my life, so I'll do that in order to get stronger as well.

Some describe you as cocky on the floor. Is that an accurate description?

I'm not sure who says that, but I guess I'd describe myself as confident in my abilities out there. I'm the team's leader, and that includes the role of emotional leader. I just go out there and take what the other team gives me. If they want to play fast or slow, off me or physical, that's fine. I don't let them get to me. If someone wants to say that's cocky, then I guess that's their opinion.

You're limping pretty noticeably right now.

Yeah I kind of dove into press row yesterday and almost knocked myself out.

Not to mention everyone down there

I meant to apologize to you guys, but no one told me there was a pole down there. I came a few inches from knocking myself out there. But as far as the limp goes, that's from a pretty good strawberry I got diving on the floor yesterday. I left a lot of skin out there I think.

So I guess this means you and your dad won't be playing golf today

I know he wanted to, and I'm sure he will. But, I can't move right now so I don't think I'll be playing.

Any other plans in the area before heading home?

I think we're going to go over to Duke and watch them practice tomorrow (Thursday). That'll be good to see. I really love being around Coach K. It'll be great to get a chance to talk to him again. We're also going to the North Carolina game against Cleveland State.

You're a brave soul to walk into the Dean Dome as a future Blue Devil.

I'll just smile and wave, but I'll probably have to wear a hat or two just in case. We were hoping Duke was going to be playing, but they aren't.

Before your football season ended you told us you were "The Fairy Princess" for some school function. That raised some eyebrows. Care to elaborate?

The school pageant went very well. It's a fund raiser we do for the school where a lot of the football players dress up. I was a Fairy Princess complete with a pink tutu. Kind of the star of the show."

Note: Paulus has yet to take his official visit to Duke due to his football and basketball schedules. His father, Dave Paulus, told TDD that a visit date was being looked at for the end of February or early March depending on CBA's remaining hoops schedule.

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