An In With A Future Recruit?

Duke has never taken one player to get an angle on another, and just because a current walk-on's brother is a hotshot recruit doesn't mean Duke took one to get the other. They may or may not even recruit him. But if they do, it can't hurt.

Matt Causey (5-11), the brother of Mark Causey of DUKE, is ranked # 60 in the Class of 2003 by Prep Stars Recruiters Handbook (Winter 2001-02 Edition). Matt is listed by Prep Stars as playing at East Hall High School, where he and Mark led their team to a Class AA State Championship (GA has AAAAA down to A).

After the first semester, however, Matt transferred to Berkmar High School (closer to Atlanta in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County). Berkmar is the back-to-back defending AAAAA State Champion and was ranked # 1 in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution pre-season poll. Berkmar is coached by David Boyd, the brother of Cal Boyd (Wake Forest star and career ACC 3-point % leader).

Cal Boyd coaches at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta (Buckhead area), where DUKE practiced prior to the ACC Tournament last season. The Westminster facility is 150,000 square feet and just went through a $27 million renovation and addition 2 years ago. The Headmaster at Westminster, Bill Clarkson, is a 1970 Duke grad whose son William is a recent DUKE grad. DUKE is loaded with Westminster grads, a high school that has 7 seniors in a class of less than 200 that have scored 1600 on the SAT this year.

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