Quotes: Post Game Temple

Quotes from several Blue Devil personalities after the 11th victory of the season

DUKE HEAD COACH Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement
"We beat a good team tonight. They're very, very good. I'm proud of my guys because we're a good team, too, even though we're a little bit undermanned right now. Our guys are playing with a lot of heart. They're real big and they're really good. [Mardy] Collins is one of the better players we've played against in the past couple years. He's a smooth player at 6-6. We put good pressure on the ball and thought we might be able to wear him out but he didn't get worn out. He was just there all the time. He's a really, really good player, and I've seen good players. He looks like a great kid and I like his demeanor out there. I thought we were playing good defense and I thought they were playing good defense. This was a very positive game from both teams. The other team wasn't going to lose a game like this, you had to win it. You had to make good plays to win and a bunch of kids were making them. It was a great win for us and obviously it's an honor to play against John [Chaney] and his kids."

On Daniel Ewing
"Daniel was amazing in the second half, coming off the last few games where he hasn't hit well. He was 3-for-11 in the first half. For him to have the courage to step forward like that, that's why he's our leader. Daniel really led us. He's been a heck of a player for us and he's been a little bit down on himself about his shooting and it affected some of the other parts of his game. In the last few days, the whole team has focused on making sure that he gets a fresh start. Not just me or him, but our whole team. Just before the second half, I told him to keep shooting. There are shots and there are great shots and he made a couple big ones."

On Shelden Williams
"He's been our unsung hero since Shav[lik Randolph] has been out. He's open sometimes, but it's tough to see him because they're so big. They have guys 6-6 and they're putting their arms up, it's like two defensive linemen rushing the quarterback -- you don't see the receiver."

On his team's three-point shooting
"We hit a good percentage, but the thing is, if we hit four or five more of them, we wouldn't have had only a five-point lead. The fact is, you have to take them when they're there. Their defense may give you that look for just a second and you have to be ready to take it because then a big guy is coming. It looks like a clean look from press row or the bench or the stands. He's wide-open for that split second, and that guys knows that someone is coming over real quick. That's what we try to do to teams with our pressure."

Senior Guard Daniel Ewing
On the team's rebounding in the game
"That was a big key for us, and that was a part of our game plan - to make sure we closed out a defensive exchange with a rebound. Down the stretch we really had some big rebounds on the offensive end that kept it alive for us, and on the defensive end we obviously made some big rebounds also."

On finally hitting his first three pointer in the second half
"I wouldn't say it was a `I'm back' type of shot, but it was a confidence builder. I had good looks in the first half, and they weren't falling, and the coaches and my teammates told me to take my shots. They were good shots. In the second half, I was able to hit that shot, and I just ran from there."

"We've found ways to step up and meet challenges, despite adversity and some injuries. We've got different guys every game who can step up and make some big plays for us. Lee Melchionni did a good job for us again today. Everybody contributed and made a big play somewhere. It might not have been a shot, but everyone made a big play today."

Junior Forward Lee Melchionni
On his two three pointers in the second half
"We struggled shooting the three in the first half, and we knew that we're all good shooters, and if we get open looks they're going to go down. I was open, just let them go, and they fell for us and sort of gave us a spark to get going in the second half. That's what I was trying to do. To be honest, I wish that I would've hit more of my open [shots]."

"Playing a game like this almost has a conference feel to it. They're a tough team. They didn't go away tonight. They were there the entire time, so we give them credit, but we were glad that we came out on top. It was a hard fought game."

"If we're going to be playing a smaller lineup with Shav [Randolph] out and Reggie [Love] hurt, we're going to have to have five guys concentrating on rebounding, and tonight we did that. We've done that the past couple of games, and it's definitely a point of emphasis for us."

On the upcoming N.C. State game
"The junior class has yet to win at N.C. State. We've lost the last two years, so that's motivation within itself. They're a good team, they play a similar style to Princeton, they've got a great player in Julius Hodge, and we're looking forward to playing against them."

Junior Forward Shelden Williams
"The way our team is, we know we're not going to have a lot of games where we blow people out, especially in the ACC. It's going to be a dogfight every night. So it's good for us to get game experience right now."


On why Temple never pulled away
"We lost our focus because of [J.J.] Redick when he hit a couple shots at a stretch where we had a freshman on him and I don't have any choice. He's done a great job, but he got mixed up and running to where the ball was instead of staying with Redick. (Redick) hit the shot in the corner and then he come back and get another big one at the top of the circle when he lost the ball. That sort of hurt us. We kept digging a hole. Even though we kept coming back, we kept digging a hole."

On what it will take to overcome a ranked opponent
"We're just going to keep going out and hopefully we'll break through. That's what happens with a young team and a team that's playing many games away from home against great games. You go there expecting to win, hoping to win, but when you're playing these great teams, it's very difficult to overcome it. Just very difficult. When you have a well-oiled team playing against a great coach and it's very diffcult to think that you're just going to walk in and somebody's going to lay down and play dead. I'm pretty proud of my guys. They kept pecking away and if any of you didn't see that, you must be blind ... It takes complete focus and staying in touch with the game for 40 minutes and that's very difficult for young kids today, especially playing away from home. That's what I'm hoping my kids will develop."

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