Asack Eager For Duke Visit

Sometimes where you play and to whom you commit has a tangible effect on where your ranked by the various recruiting services. That's certainly the case for Westwood, Mass. QB Zack Asack, who one ACC assistant described as the best QB to enter Duke in many years. TDD spoke with Asack on Thursday as he prepares for his official visit.

TDD: Zack, you're heading to North Carolina in the fall, but what's it been like in Massachusetts all these years?

Zack Asack: Living in Massachusetts has been great, my parents really got me plugged into a lot of activities, like track and lots of other sports.

How your track background helps you with football?

People don't believe it, but I'm actually better at track than football. How it prepares me, I think, is keeps my competitive juices flowing. It also helps me develop my instincts on the football field.

What makes you think you're a better track star than football player?

I've been doing track A LOT longer than I've been playing football. I've been the champion in both the 5500M hurdles and 4x400 with my teammates.

Where'd you inherit your competitive nature?

Totally from my dad, he instilled in me the desire to always work hard and give whatever I do my best effort.

Speaking of family, you've mentioned they were a big part of your decision. Can you elaborate?

My family was just great, they were going to be supportive of me no matter where I went, but they really helped me to be objective with the process -- how to look at all the factors and make a good decision.

How about the coaching staff, what was their approach like?

Aw man, Duke was great, I really loved their approach, they made me feel like I was family, and they were totally upfront with me throughout.

How are you feeling with the new O-Coordinator coming in?

Coach O'Brien and I have talked, and I am so excited about the offense he's bringing to Duke, it really reminds me a lot of what I ran in high school, and I think that gives me a leg up going down there.

So it's fair to say you're excited about the trip this weekend?

I'm really looking forward to it, with the new Yoh Center and all the new freshman coming in, I'm so excited to get to work.

With Gene Delle Donne and you in place as the new freshman QB's have you guys talked about the competition?

I think it's great, we're two different players and I think we are going to draw a lot out of each other competing. He's a big time player, it should be a good battle.

What kind of player are you? Do you model your game after anyone?

Coming from a pro style offense in high school, I've really looked up to Brett Favre, Michael Vick and Peyton Manning.

Taking bits and pieces of each player's game?

Well, I've tried to adopt Peyton's quick release, I think my speed and how I move around the field comes from Mike Vick, but I think the biggest effect would have to be Brett Favre, I really look up to his leadership abilities and competitive fire.

You mentioned running a pro style offense in high school, how does that prepare you for college ball in your opinion?

Biggest things it's helped me with is going through my progressions, reading defenses, and learning how to manage multiple formations.

Are you looking forward to the academics at Duke?

I'm looking forward to it. I'm coming from a very demanding high school, so going into Duke is just another challenge.

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