Post Game Quotes From Duke v Miami

Coach K, Daniel Ewing, and Shelden Williams met the media following Duke's 14th straight win.

Mike Krzyzewski:

"I am really pleased with the win tonight. We beat an excellent team. Miami is a confident and positive group and they are difficult to guard."

"I am impressed with Miami. They look like they are having fun playing and they are athletic."

"I like their kids a lot. They have a really good spirit. It was a good basketball game tonight."

On Frank Haith "Frank hasn't allowed other people's expectations to effect his expectations of his team. He looks like he has been coaching here a while and that's the sign of a good coach."

"[Daniel] Ewing led us well and Shelden [Williams] did a terrific job tonight. The two of them along with J.J. [Redick] gave us another good game."

"We tried to not let [Robert] Hite or [Guillermo] Diaz touch the ball. Our younger guys couldn't guard Diaz. He is so strong and he is a heck of a competitive player."

"Shelden [Williams] is a really good player. We wanted to get him the ball and he showed a lot of poise. These last two games in particular, he has been really good."

Shelden Williams:

"We knew that they were a good team. I mean, they were 3-1 in the conference that says a lot too. They're playing at home and it's going to be a hard game."

"They had three good guards and two big men and we wanted to go out there and go at them.

"We did a good job rebounding when the game was on the line. We knew that they we a good rebounding team."

Daniel Ewing:

(On Shelden Williams) "We got him involved a lot tonight and exploit him down low. He did a good job of finishing buckets and not forcing it. He let the game come to him and when he didn't have it, he kicked it out."

"That's what won the game for us. We got that lead and played good enough defense to hold them."

"Our game plan was trying to keep him [Robert Hite] and [Guillermo] Diaz from going off and Diaz had a really good game tonight but if you can neutralize one of them, that's better than nothing so we neutralized Hite, that was a big plus for us."

"We were patient, we played good defense, we executed on offense that was a big thing."

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