Brief QnA With Colin Peek

Florida LB talks with and provides a brief update on his recruitment

I understand you just had a visit to Georgia Tech this past weekend?

"Yes sir, I went there on my second of my three official visits. I've been to Alabama and have Duke left to go to next."

How was your visit to Georgia Tech?

"It was very good and I had a great time. We went to some nice restaurants, and I enjoyed that a lot. The coaches showed me the campus and I got to see the athletes and the facilities there at Georgia Tech. The facilities are great. The locker room is spacious and very nice. The players lounge is great with nice couches, big TV's and X-Boxes. I enjoyed everything there."

How would you compare the facilities at Georgia Tech and Alabama since you've visited those two schools?

"Georgia Tech's stadium is set in a big city, and Alabama has a stadium that pops up out in the rural area. Both have their plusses."

Any date for giving a commitment?

"I have Duke left to visit and then I will have the three coaches to do an in-home visit with me and I will make my decision after the three in-homes by the coaches."

How do academics play into your decision making and how will you come to your decision?

"Academics have always played a role in choosing the school I will go to. I want to get a top notch education, so I have to say it does play an important part. As for how I will come to my decision, I will sit down and compare all the assets each school has and make my decision from that comparison."

Since academics have played a big role in your process, what will your major be in college?

"I play on majoring in business."

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