Post Game Quotes From Duke v Maryland

Coach K, Sean Dockery, and Daniel Ewing met the media following Wednesday's loss

DUKE HEAD COACH Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement
"I thought Maryland played better than we did. [Nik] Caner-Medley was great and I thought [John] Gilchrist really led his team well. I just thought they played a little bit harder than we did. We didn't have the attitude that we've had the entire year. I was really worried about that, coming off of two road games and two wins. This team has to have an edge all the time. That doesn't mean we'll win, but we just didn't have that. We had missed opportunities throughout the game. Whether it was on breaks or when we had the ball inside so many times and just came up empty. We just can't keep doing that. Of course, Maryland played well. They're good. They were the team that deserved to win tonight. That's not easy for me to say, but they deserved it. They responded really well to their loss and they should be commended for a great effort tonight."

On Nik Caner-Medley
"He's playing great. He's playing like one of the top players in the league right now. He made really winning plays. He kind of took the game over in that time when the game was kind of decided. It was a short period, but it was such a critical period. I just think he overpowered us a few times. He's a strong kid and a good, veteran player. If there's one thing that won the game it was that his desire to win was great. He made plays. He put on a hell of a performance. I'm singling out Caner-Medley, but their whole team played well. I single out Caner-Medley because he was just at another level."

On Maryland's defense on J.J. Redick
"Part of it was that we didn't have balance tonight. If we were scoring inside, they wouldn't be that tight [on Redick]. We got the ball inside tonight. You get an opportunity to get it out on a break, you need to make free throws or come up with a bucket. There were a lot of opportunities like that. We'll look at the tape and we'll be really disappointed."

On Shavlik Randolph's progress
"He's trying like crazy. I've said all along, we're not this deep team. Our big three [Daniel Ewing, Redick and Shelden Williams] got a lot of shots and they touched the ball a lot tonight. We need them to perform at a high level and that didn't happen tonight. If that doesn't happen, we have no chance to win. If it happens, we have a chance. And that's the type of team we are."

On Maryland's desire to win
"I think they did [want to win more than we did]. That's not to say we didn't want it, but this team has had to work extremely hard to get where we are at this moment. When you haven't lost, you kind of take a deep breath and when you're taking that deep breath, someone else is going after you. But I'm behind my guys all the way. Sport is about human nature and recognizing your group and who you are and how you respond."

"Every time we went up in the game, we had a chance to put them away, and we didn't. That was a very disappointing loss for us. After we had a great time down to Miami, this is just unacceptable the way we came out and played tonight. We were just sloppy, and we didn't play like a veteran team. We weren't sharp on offense, and we had a lot of empty possessions, and you can't do that if you want to win big games."

"I was thinking after Shav [Randolph] got that offensive rebound and put-back, we were going to come down and get a stop and then really just take hold of the game here on our home court. But that wasn't the case, and we really just gave it away. I don't want to take anything away from Maryland. They played a heckuva game."

"We respect [Maryland] highly. We knew that they can shoot, and we knew that they were scorers, and we knew that they would come in today and play hard. We respect our opponents all the time, but today they just wanted it more than we did."

"It's hard to say, but I felt like today we showed that we were comfortable winning, but we got a little bit ahead of ourselves. We weren't the Duke team that played 15 games where we were hungrier than our opponent. Today we didn't show any of that. We were just running through the motions. The good thing about it is that we've got a lot more games, and we can learn from this mistake. I'm pretty sure it's going to make us hungry again."

"We're not even thinking about Virginia Tech right now. We're thinking about our team. There are some things we have to work on, as far as being mature. Tomorrow we were supposed to have the day off, but now we've got practice. Tomorrow's going to be a tough practice."

"You have to take your hats off to Maryland. They came in here ready to play, and we knew that. We didn't match their hunger. They wanted it a little bit more tonight, and that's why they walked out of here with a win."

"That really killed us when we had a four-point or a six-point lead and every time we made a big basket they came down and matched it. That really hurt. They made plays down the stretch and we didn't. They hit free throws and that really hurt."

"Especially coming off a good road trip and coming back home and playing in Cameron, we wanted to really be ready to go. You always want to keep a win streak going, and, unfortunately for us, it ended tonight. For us, we have to move on and get ready for Virginia Tech and the rest of the ACC. We can't linger on this loss - it's just one loss, so we've got to move on and learn from here.

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